Reasons to Wear Long Sleeve Tops When Running

Those who work out regularly, including running as a main activity, know that wearing proper sportswear brings a lot of benefits when it comes to managing excess sweat and maintaining a regular body temperature. Every runner should invest in nice shorts, footwear, tops, and a smartwatch or band that will count the efficiency. The long sleeve tees can come in different designs and can be made of quality textiles that will promote compression, and help you recover after long runs.

It’s also crucial to wear them in summer when the sunlight can damage your skin, and wearing sunscreen is not really an option. Proper sportswear can improve the regulation of the body temperature too, which can go up and drop after a few minutes when you are active.

When it’s cooler outside, you have to anyway wear long-sleeve tees or tops. They create perfect insulation between your body and the environment. Cotton tops are great, but keep in mind that they don’t provide enough warmth, neither will protect you from the weather conditions while you run. Don’t wear too loose tops when you are running, because the cool air will get through it, and extend the warming process due to the cardio activity. As you sweat, cotton tops will get wet, and cool you down, which may ruin your efficiency.

Sometimes, the runners may wear sleeves as a separate part of their sportswear, and they can do that, or wear a long sleeve top due to many reasons including:

  1. They are great for different weather conditions

No matter if it’s cold or hot outside, this type of top will help you keep a proper body temperature, providing great comfort and compression. It’s lightweight, which means you can enjoy the workout process and exercise like you are completely naked, but with better temperature managing options. Most of the women prefer tank tops, but the experts will always recommend using long sleeves because you can really adapt to any weather condition, without getting too wet, and still burn the planned amount of calories.

  1. You can choose neon models for evening runs

Those who run in the evenings can choose a reflective material or a top with reflective strips on the arms and back, just in case a car or other vehicle drives toward them. Many people enjoy the long evening runs, and if you are one of them, invest in reflective clothes, so you can be visible to anyone. Neon colors and strips can be a nice addition to your workout style, and you really need to consider buying at least one like that if you work out in the evenings.

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  1. Preventing muscle soreness

Compression long sleeve tops can help with muscle recovery. They improve blood circulation, by maintaining a proper body temperature, which means every cell in your body, including the muscle cells, receives the proper amount of oxygen all the time. If you let your body lose warmth during exercising, that may cause muscle swelling and faster buildup of lactic acid between the muscles. Also, it will prevent dehydration. This is one of the main reasons why you need to go for a long sleeve top when you prefer running as physical activity.

  1. It will protect you from sunburns

Wearing sunscreen is a must, and you should never skip that step when getting ready to run. Sunscreens provide enough protection from the damaging UV rays, but we all know the struggle of washing it off with sweat, leaving us behind with no protection at all. Also, most of the sunscreens provide a sliding finish, which is not comfortable, and may leave greasy spots on the clothes. One of the best solutions, in this case, is to use long sleeve tops, so you can protect your bare skin. When it comes to your face, you can wear sunscreen, because face formulas are different than body lotions, and may work together with the sweat better than them.

  1. It will prevent insect bites

We’ve all been there. An exceptional nature around us, flowers, and green grass, and suddenly, an insect bite you. Some people can have intense reactions, others may suffer allergies or itching, but anyway, it’s not really pleasant to get back from running with plenty of red spots all over your arms and legs. Also, as it manages the sweat better, you won’t be that attractive to the insects. Those with sensitive skin should consider wearing long-sleeve tees or tops because the insects can really make a huge problem if you don’t prevent the bites on time.

  1. You can run with a style

You can go for simple one-color tops, or any other design, and trust us, FIRM ABS long sleeve tops have a huge offer for anyone who wants to run with a style. No matter the color, pattern, or model, you can really get sweaty and fit, and still, stay loyal to your style. Many people will say that you will have to forget about being modern and stylish while you work out, but here is proof that you can do it anyway.

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Final words

Working out seems simple, and running too. You may think, you only need to wear a pair of leggings and your old T-shirt and hit the road. But, as you can see, it’s not like that. You must be responsible for your body, and protect it from extreme weather conditions, sunburns, insect bites, and any other damage that can be a result of improper handling of the workout process.

Remember, functionality is a priority in this case, but it doesn’t mean it should affect your style. Most of the sportswear companies today take care of designs and patterns, and of course, the models. It’s on you to find the right one for you, and of course, it should fit perfectly – no unnecessary compression, and not choosing too loose models, thinking they are more comfortable than those who fit just right.  Be responsible for your body, and the results will anyway come to you in a few weeks