5 Reasons Why Jamaica is One of the Most Affordable Caribbean Islands – 2024 Review

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Caribbean Island. It is amongst the most beautiful and exotic places and is packed with perfect holiday destinations such as Negril and Montego Bay. While Jamaica is less expensive than other Caribbean Islands, the costs can add to be very expensive if one is not careful during his voyage across Jamaica. For more information, visit caribbean-escape.com/.

With the long sandy beaches, music scene, striking waterfalls and lush greenery, and affordable rates, Jamaica has become one of the most popular areas. It has plenty to offer to travelers whether they are looking for a party scene or a relaxing holiday at affordable rates. But if you plan to visit Jamaica, make sure you avoid going during spring break as prices skyrocket and it becomes all crowded with college students. Here are a few reasons why Jamaica is one of the most affordable Caribbean Islands.

  1. Cheap activities

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Who wants to go on a vacation to an area that eats up the wallet on mere activities? This is where the relatively affordable quality of this Caribbean Island-Jamaica comes into play. This Caribbean Island offers a lot of fun activities that you can try without worrying about spending too much. For instance, a per person three-hour rafting trip on a bamboo raft to see the crystal springs and many caves and waterfalls will cost you only 16,196 JMD ($120 USD), which is relatively cheaper than other Caribbean island rates.

In addition to this, one can go snorkeling on the North coast to see corals, nurse sharks, stingrays, and even barracuda at an affordable rate of almost 4,723 JMD ($35 USD). Not only this, you can go caving at the Green Grotto Caves, and the entry fee is only 2,700 JMD ($20 USD) per person. Similarly, you can go on exploring Kingston, Climb the Dunn’s River Falls, Swim the most famous blue hole, hang out at the beach and do plenty at a cheaper rate than other Caribbean islands.

  1. Low hostel prices

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After you have landed in Jamaica with other bachelors, the next thing you would want to do is to search for an excellent hostel with beautiful scenery outside the window. Touristry places like Montego offer hostels with affordable rates as low as about 2,970 JMD ($22 USD) per bed in a room with four to six beds. It costs even lower in places like Port Antonio. And if you want a dorm, it will only cost you 2,700 JMD ($20 USD) per night.

A twin private room with a shared bathroom will only cost you about 45$ USD per night for a single person, and if you want a double room, it will cost the same for two people. Overall prices are relatively lower if you book a hostel at other Caribbean islands.

  1. Budget hotel prices

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If you are going on a honeymoon with your partner, you would want to book a private hotel room. And that too can happen at affordable rates. In less touristy areas such as Port Antonio, nightly rates for a typical 3-star hotel room starts at about $32 to $35 USD. But if you want a room near a beachy resort region, you will have to up your budget to $55 USD per night. A full apartment at this Island will cost you about $145 USD per night, which is still a lot affordable than the hotel rates at other Caribbean Islands.

  1. Low average cost of food

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Who doesn’t want to go to a place with crazy good food at affordable rates? Lucky for you, the average cost of food in Jamaica is $20 per day. Since fish is their most prominent staple of the diet, it will be served almost everywhere and at cheap rates (as low as $3 USD). You can even grab a filling patty from a vendor on the streets of Jamaica for as low as $1 USD.

Lunch at a relatively inexpensive place will taste heaven’s and will cost you no more than $5 USD. And if you want to have dinner with your loved one at an upscale restaurant, it will only cost you about $20 USD each. If you are planning to prolong your trip to Jamaica and are planning to cook all by yourself, expect a budget of 8,773 JMD ($65 USD) per week for groceries like pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foodstuffs, which is still cheaper if you do the same cooking at different places.

  1. Cheap public transportation

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This Caribbean island has ridiculously cheap public transport, including an extensive network of buses and taxis that link almost all the villages and towns. The buses and mini-buses will cost you as little as 100 JMD ($0.75 USD) for a 50 km trip, which is extremely affordable. A 10-minute drive on a personal taxi will cost you the same. It means you can get around Jamaica at an affordable rate, so you don’t have to worry about traveling costs.

The bus is yet another means of transportation for tourists, and they can get from one part of Jamaica to another at very affordable rates. Such as a four-hour trip from Kingston to Montego Bay on a bus will only cost you 3,250 JMD ($24 USD). And still, there are other options for you, such as bicycles, scooters, mini-buses, or coasters that are often used by tourists and can take you almost everywhere at affordable rates.

The above-mentioned facts about Jamaica explain why it is one of the cheapest Caribbean islands to visit at affordable rates. If you are planning a trip to Caribbean Island, make sure you put Jamaica on your list because you can make the most of your trip even on a very low budg