Is Bidsbee Legit?

Social trading platforms are a perfect entry point for everyone who wants to get access to various instruments that can be used for trading through this single platform. It helps beginners by providing step-by-step information through their round-the-clock customer service.

Bidsbee specializes in a crypto trading portal that helps traders trade in cryptos using the platform’s trading terminal, which allows traders to maximize their daily profits.

The platform has various built-in options like stop-loss, trailing options, trade algorithms, and other features that the traders could use to maximize their profits. This platform is a boon for professional traders as it helps them multiply their income as and when the cryptocurrency price changes occasionally.

Legitimacy Of Bidsbee


Bidsbee is a legitimate social trading platform to trade in cryptocurrencies available online, and it helps all the traders using its platform get the full potential benefit when trading cryptos.

The pricing structure of this platform is crisp, clear, and simple to understand for any newbie.

It has a basic free plan allowing the traders to access trading view integration, which helps them access technical analysis indicators, customizable past trade charts, and various drawing tools that help to analyze future trade patterns.

Apart from the basic plan, it has a paid plan, which costs $9.99 monthly if a yearly plan is subscribed. Many features are accessible to traders to trade in cryptocurrency. The platform accepts all types of bank cards for paid subscriptions.

Trustpilot has given the Bidsbee platform a 3.7-star rating out of 5 stars as a review.

Features In Bidsbee


Bidsbee provides traders with advanced-level algorithms that help them develop their own trading strategies to maximize their daily profits. A few essential features in Bidsbee that are helpful for traders are:

Copy Trading

Copy trading can be compared to a typical classroom where a low-scoring student who wants to get a good grade should follow the examples set by good graders to achieve good marks.

Hence, in copy trading, those crypto traders who are new or have less experience in the trade will copy the same trade patterns that the experienced investors follow. It is almost like copying other traders’ trade patterns in a good way, wherein all traders get the resulting profits. There is less room for costly mistakes.

Spot Copy Trading

This feature enables traders to trade in real-time on-the-spot orders. It helps the traders follow trade orders that include BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT patterns. The users can view other traders’ profiles as their trading preference and, based on their profit and loss-making through observation, can execute self-trade to gain good profits.

Free basic subscription traders can do only ten orders monthly in spot trading, whereas pro trading subscribed traders can do unlimited orders in spot trading.

Crypto Signals

The traders can take the benefit of receiving trade signals and alerts for trading in cryptos. This signal helps them to buy or sell cryptocurrencies when the right moment comes.

The Bidsbee platform sends accurate alert signals for trade for all users via Telegram. This ensures the traders capitalize on all profit-making opportunities that arrive.


In Summary

Apart from the details above, the Bidsbee platform has an important feature known as a trading terminal, transforming cryptocurrency traders’ trade experience. This option helps the trader use advanced features like stop-loss, conditional orders, multilevel take profit and various other trading options by using multiple online algorithm features available.

Users can sign up in simple four steps and start using the crypto trading terminal for free. Potential traders should create an account on the crypto trading platform Bidsbee for trading in cryptocurrency. They can opt for the free plan or the paid subscription, whichever is convenient, and the rest is taken care of by step-by-step instructions provided by the Bidsbee platform.