Headphones for Drummers: Tips and Tricks

There is a huge difference between regular headphones for everyone and professional ones for drummers. Musicians have to hear the sound clearly and turn off the rest of the noise from the outside world. If you are looking for electronic drum headphones, you need to understand the difference. Another reason to go for high-quality headphones is Tinnitus, which is a widely spread problem among drummers. Check simplydrum.com for more info.

Variety of Headphones

There are numerous types of headphones offered on the market. They are made for different cases, specific situations, and even drum types.  Before you decide which headphones to choose, find out the type you need:

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  • Electric and acoustic drums choice. If you already use a specific type of drum and don’t want to switch it for anything else, you may try the headphones that will match it. The difference is almost unnoticeable for music fans. Yet, acoustic drummers prefer models that protect them from ear fatigue and quiet the ambiance around. Electric drums are compatible with headphones of high sensitivity, noise reduction, and comfort;
  • Studio or home. Playing at home provides you the time for practicing either alone or with the rest of the band. And if you want to experience a gig atmosphere, you can use simple headphones without the best noise reduction. Yet, when you are in the studio, and you have a limited amount of time to record the melody, you have to pick noise-consuming earphones of a high level. They don’t have to be expensive, however, they must significantly decrease or completely isolate the sound from outside;
  • Universal usage. You don’t have to limit yourself to playing either in your basement or concert, on acoustic or electric drums. You may want to listen to music with these headphones too. In this case, all you need to look for is noise cancellation. Check your options among universal models of high quality. Pick only the most trustable brands with a rich history behind them.

Tips on Choosing Drummers Headphones

You have to consider several things before you buy anything. The market offers a wide range of versatile products. Not all of them are equally good. You may want to learn the major features to pay attention to in order to buy the most suitable for you.

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Quality of sound

The special headphones for drummers are valuable mainly because of the way they reproduce the sound. They become the first thing you rely on while you are playing. This is why it is important to have the perfect quality of sound.

These headphones must have a consistent music performance. Check whether they are equally capable to play bass, highs, and mids. If something bothers you, listen to them again. Try other models before you pick the one.

Design of headphones

There are two types of earphones based on their design. They are divided into models that fit:

  • Inside the ear;
  • Over the ear.

The best noise reduction is considered to be in over-the-ear models. However, modern technologies allow you to pick in-ear types as well. The design of over the ear is still considered to be comfortable and less tiresome in case the drummer needs to play for a long time. Most of them have padded ear cushions that help you to relax the tension of the non-stop active drumming. However, you have to consider the sweat-proof models since they can be too warm.

As for the in-ear phones, you have to make sure that they consume the noise as much as you need. There are only a few models that can provide you that. Check out whether there is noise isolation before you buy it.

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Cord and its length

Consider drumming as physical activity. You have to move a lot. And if you don’t want to limit your movements, you have to make sure that the length of the cord is enough. When the rhythm carries you away, the cord of your headphones is the last thing you think about. You can easily break it or crush the drum set if the cord entangles it. And you don’t need such a disaster to happen to you during a stage performance or at the recording studio.

You have to make sure that the length of the cord is appropriate. It is better to pick longer ones since you can always use bundles. The cable must also be Kevlar infused, so you would not damage it by stepping on it or dropping heavy music instruments on it. The most popular length is 3ft.

Noise prevention

No matter how great headphones are or how much they cost, if they don’t block the noise from outside, they are not suitable for drummers. External sounds must be off right after you wear them. This is what makes these headphones special and may increase the price. You have to concentrate on your own music.

Don’t forget that these headphones must have a built-in mini speaker or you will not hear your own music. Professional drummers prefer to use headphones that prevent the sound of 35 decibels. This is a maximum cancelation of sound for the drummer.

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High comfort level

No matter whether you plan to spend all your free time playing drums in headphones or use them only in an emergency, you still have to buy the most comfortable. Comfort will grant you a happy mood and the ability to play longer. You will not scratch your head constantly. And if you sweat often, you have to make sure that the headphones will not heat you more. The nozzles of the earphones may also be a distraction.

If you order online, read the reviews before. Make sure they are comfortable. If you buy offline, you can touch and try the phones on you.

The Best Headphones for Drummers

Being a good drummer requires not only great skills but a total concentration on drums and the music you are making. This is why it is crucial to isolate yourself from outside noises. To be able to do it, you need to pick the most suitable headphones. Read the recommendations and find the most beneficial earphones.