Guide to Tarisland: Demystifying the Classes of this Revolutionary MMORPG

Tarisland, a groundbreaking MMORPG from Tencent, has been creating reverberations in the gaming industry ever since its announcement.

This game boasts a plethora of distinctive classes, each with its characteristic attributes and abilities. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the Tarisland classes, enlightening both beginners and seasoned players alike.

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1. The Ranger Class

Ranger, a class known for its finesse in taming wildlife and setting up traps, stands out in ranged DPS. It offers two specializations: taming and hunting. Rangers are versatile, lethal ranged warriors with unparalleled marksmanship.

They have a skillset that complements their playstyle, from Hunting Ground, Steady Shot, Heart of Hunter, to Scatter Shot, Arrow of Corrosion, Rapid Arrow Shot, and Sniper Shot. These abilities allow Rangers to inflict ranged damage and apply various effects on their targets.

2. The Paladin Class

The Paladin class is a flexible support class with two unique specializations: Justice and Guardian. Players can choose to focus on melee DPS with Justice, delivering devastating blows, or opt for the Guardian specialization, playing the role of a selfless melee tank, guiding their group in challenging situations.

The Paladin class gives you the freedom to either eliminate threats swiftly or absorb heavy hits and protect your allies, depending on your choice of specialization.

3. The Warrior Class

Warriors, with their strength and durability, are proficient in dealing high damage at melee range and are often at the forefront of battles.

In Tarisland, players can choose from various weapon specializations, such as sword and shield, dual-wielding, or two-handed weapons. They can focus on melee DPS with the Fury specialization or achieve tanking goals with the War Shield specialization.

4. The Mage Class

Mages, specializing in fire, ice, and lightning elements, can influence the battlefield with their single-target and AoE spells. They possess abilities that cater to their particular playstyle, such as Arcane Missile, Fireball, Ice Storm, and Lightning Bolt.

The Mage class offers two main specializations: high elf and human. The High Elf specialization focuses on crowd control abilities, while the Human specialization is all about dealing heavy damage to multiple targets simultaneously.

5. The Priest Class

Priests, with their abilities to restore health, protect allies, and cleanse ailments, play a pivotal role in keeping the team alive during battles and challenging encounters.

They also have divine offensive capabilities, making them a well-rounded class that can adapt to various situations and contribute both offensively and defensively. Human Priests wield holy light and possess a versatile skill set, while Elf Priests focus more on nature-based healing and support abilities.

6. The Bard Class

The Bard class is a charismatic class that combines the power of music with their fighting skills. They have access to a variety of songs that can buff their allies, debuff their enemies, and even heal their team.

Bards also have impressive combat abilities, allowing them to deal damage with their musical instruments. They can wield instruments like guitars, harps, or flutes to attack enemies directly or unleash powerful AoE attacks.

7. The Barbarian Fighter Class

The Barbarian class, known for their strength and resilience, excels in close-quarters combat. They offer various builds and play styles within its specialization. For example, the Thunder Barbarian build focuses on lightning-infused attacks and thunder-based abilities.

This class provides players with an opportunity to become masters of raw strength and elemental powers, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

8. Tarisland Best Classes for Beginners

The best classes for beginners are typically DPS ones, as they do not require extra attention during dungeons or raids. The Ranger and Paladin classes are recommended for beginners due to their high damage output and significant HP pool.

9. Tarisland Best Classes for PvP

If you wish to dominate in PvP battlefields, the Ranger (Taming), Mage (Frost), and Paladin (Justice) classes are advisable. However, even with a strong character, you may encounter difficulties during PvP battles.

10. Tarisland Best Classes for PvE

The best choice for PvE is the Ranger (Hunting), Mage (Fire), Bard (Concerto), and Paladin (Guardian specialization) classes. These classes are always in demand in any raid or dungeon.

11. Conclusion

Every class in Tarisland is unique and has its own style of play. Try each of them and decide which raid role suits you best. Good luck on the battlefields and enjoy your choice!