What Colors Does Gold Jewelry Best Match With?

If you’re putting together an outfit for a special occasion, thinking of treating yourself to a new item of jewelry, or simply want a little bit of help figuring out some new ensembles for the office or a casual day out with friends, we’ve got the answers you need! Keep reading to discover how to match your gold accessories with your clothes, the season, and even your skin tone to make for a stylish and put-together look every time.

Matching Yellow Gold

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Firstly, your clothing color choice will largely depend on the shade of gold you’re wearing – yellow, white, or rose. Let’s start with classic yellow gold.

Black is a fail-safe choice and a perfect partner for gold jewelry. Black makes for a beautiful canvas against which the gold will shine and is an elegant, timeless option. Even bigger, bolder accessories can work well with a little black dress or fitted black jeans and a shirt. Another fantastic color choice is red: yellow gold jewelry worn with a red dress or blouse is a vibrant, edgier option that suggests passion, fun, and warmth.

Pairing a gold chain, such as one of the stunning name necklaces available here, a bracelet or earrings with emerald-green-toned clothing or other accessories, such as a handbag or shoes, is a stunning, opulent look that works beautifully. Or, for the ultimate luxe ensemble, layer gold on gold for a sophisticated evening shimmer.

Pairing White Gold

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White gold has a cool tone but, like yellow gold, looks fabulous when worn with black clothing; white gold jewelry also works fantastically with white and gray. All of these shades make for a great frame against which a bold or intricate accessory will look fabulous.

If you want to add some warmth and character to your look, try royal blue, rich burgundy, or deep purple, which are all gorgeous matches for white gold jewelry, or pair with navy blue for a corporate, board-room ready look.

Wearing Rose Gold

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Delicate, blush-tinged rose gold jewelry looks lovely when worn with, for example, a dove gray ensemble or a soft blue top; both of these shades bring out the subtle tones of rose gold and enhance its glow.

Cream and nude colors are also great choices to pair with your rose gold necklace, earrings, or bracelet, to make for soft styling and easy elegance, or opt for dusky pinks or violets for a light and breezy springtime vibe.

Use a Color Wheel

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If you want to put together an outfit featuring gold jewelry and incorporating other accessories with colored gemstones, then using a color wheel is a great way of checking which items will work best together and finding some outfit options that you may not have even considered before.

Have a look online for a color wheel: they’re easy to find, including printable wheels that you can customize. You have two options when it comes to using your color wheel to find shades that will go well together; you could choose neighboring colors or opt for shades that are on opposite sides of the wheel. The first approach will give you a put-together, cohesive look, while the latter can make for a bolder ensemble with a pop of color.

As an example of the first approach, if you want to wear your gold necklace with a blue dress and are trying to figure out which bracelet, shoes, and handbag will match, then using the color wheel suggests that choosing a gold bracelet with aquamarine gemstones, and opting for shoes and a bag in this same shade, will tie your ensemble together successfully.

To go with the second method, you’re looking for a shade on the opposite side of the wheel from your base color. For example, if you’ve got a forest green trouser suit you want to wear for the office, and want to pair it with a matching gold set of jewelry, then to make this outfit pop, select a light orange or salmon-colored shirt, shoes, and bag for an unusual yet fabulous look.

Consider The Time Of Year

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When choosing colors to put together your look, it can also be helpful to think about the seasons. In summer, up the glow factor of your gold jewelry using touches of bronze and copper tones in clothes, accessories, and make-up. Burnt orange and coral pink add warmth and depth, too, especially when worn with white linen or a floaty black sundress.

As fall blows in, consider switching up your color palette to one that includes chocolate brown, yellow and rich orange, all of which will bring out the depth of your gold accessories and lend them a burnished tone that perfectly matches the aesthetics of the season.

For winter, opt for sparkle and opulence to reflect the festive season and to hint at comfort and indulgence. Think gemstone colors like sapphire, ruby, and amethyst, and luxury fabrics like cashmere in deep blues and yellows, and prepare to get cozy in style!

Think About Skin Tone

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And finally, when considering how to match the colors of clothes and accessories with your gold jewelry, then you’ll need to think about your skin tone, too, to find the most perfect pairings.

First of all, ascertain what type of skin tone you have. Those with cool skin tones are more likely to burn in the sun, rarely (if ever) tan, and a look at the veins on the inside of the wrist will reveal them to be blue or purplish in color. Blue, emerald green, and purple are great color options for those with cool skin tones.

Warmer skin-toned folk tend to tan in the sun and rarely burn, and the veins on their inner wrist appear greenish. Orange, red, yellow, copper, and bronze colors all look great on warm skin tones.

If you’re somewhere in between these two categories, and it’s difficult to identify the color of the veins showing on your inner wrist, then you probably have a neutral skin tone and – lucky you! – most shades and color combinations are likely to look good on you.

If you have a cool skin tone, then white gold is likely to be the best option for you; pair this with the colors suggested above for a look that will complement your complexion and uplevel your entire outfit. For warm skin tones, yellow or rose gold is a great choice, and either of these metals will look fabulous against your skin. Those with neutral skin tones can usually wear any color of gold to equally good effect.