Should You Get a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

Although it might seem like you won’t need to hire a lawyer if you were riding a motorcycle, it is completely the opposite. You being on a motorcycle is more of a reason to get an attorney in case of an accident.

And why would that be the case?


It is because a lot of people naturally find fault with bike riders. Motorcycles are fast and can easily pass through even during a traffic jam. Therefore, people have this mentality that motorcycle riders are always at fault in case of an accident.

That is why, if you have encountered an accident and it was not your problem, you should get a lawyer. This is more of a reason to let your lawyer deal with others. Otherwise, it is highly likely that they will find fault with you and let you do the compensation.

And you won’t like that, will you? So if you are facing any such problem right now, you need lawyers who are good with motorcycle accidents. There are professionals with this qualification but you will need to do some search work. Or you can click here to find one.

And if you are in a pickle trying to make the decision to hire an attorney or not, here are some reasons.

1 – We live in a judgmental society


If you are a motorcycle rider for a long time, you must have heard one thing for sure. Why do you ride a motorcycle? It is a dangerous ride. Although bikes are not dangerous, so are the other motors that run on the road. If you drive carefully and make sure to follow the rules and maintain your speed, the risk of accidents will be much lower.

There is a notion in our society that bikers do rash riding. They over-speed their bikes and try to make their way out even in congested traffic. Therefore, if there is an accident, the biker must be at fault. He must be trying to get his bike out of the line. Or he must be over-speeding.

Therefore, if you are not at fault, you should better have your lawyer deal with the situation. It’s completely okay to ride bikes if you like to. There is nothing wrong with them and they are not even that dangerous.

2 – You need to deal with the insurance company

If you have encountered an accident, you will have to involve the insurance company. Even if the other driver admits his mistake, his insurance company is going to pay you for the damages. Therefore, they will not be at your side. They have to pay you for the damages. That is why they will try their best to reduce the cost as minimum as possible.

And you should know that insurance companies have to deal with such situations. There are people who try to get money from fake accidents. Therefore, they have investigators who analyze the whole situation. Furthermore, they have a team of expert lawyers who work to deal with such cases. Moreover, they try their best to reduce the payable amount.

So do you really think you are a match for such a professional team? Furthermore, you are not even aware of your rights and what you can ask from them. This is more of a reason for you to have a lawyer by your side. He will tell you your rights. Moreover, he will let the insurance company pay the maximum possible. Thus, even if they use cheat tricks, they will still pay you enough to cover your medical bills and repair costs.

Insurance companies have ways to devalue your claim. Therefore, it won’t be easy to deal with them especially if you were on your motorcycle.

3 – The other party does not admit his mistake


When two parties talk to each other both know who was at fault. Therefore, if the other person has a conscience, he will admit his mistake. But not everyone has the courage to do so. Therefore, you will find people putting the blame on others. And considering the situation where you were on a motorcycle, the surrounding people will also doubt you.

That is why you should try to have a conversation with the other party. If they do not admit their mistake, you should not argue with them. Instead, call your lawyer, take some photos, and secure the scene. If you carry out such precise measures, the other party will know that you are not an ignorant person. Thus, the situation can work out in your best interests.

4 – You do not know how and what you can claim for

Another reason to hire an attorney is that not many people are aware of their legal rights. The rights of a biker are different from that of a car owner. However, There are still many things that you can claim for. But to do so, you will need to prove your case first.

If the accident was serious and you are not at the scene, it would be difficult to claim your innocence. The police department will carry out its investigation and then inform about the situation. However, it will take some time. They need to collect videos and evidence and talk to eyewitnesses. After a thorough investigation, they will inform the victim.

Thus, you won’t be able to claim anything unless the investigation is complete. After the investigation, your injuries won’t be in that bad situation. Therefore, you won’t undergo another medical examination. So how and what will you claim then?

You will use your previous bills and proof that show how much you lost because of the accident. Therefore, you can use your;

  1. Medical bills
  2. Medical reports that show the damage done to you
  3. The bills for bike repair
  4. A statement from your attending doctor

All these things can prove that you paid the amount. Therefore, you have every right to get that amount back.