The 12 Funniest Freak Occurrences in Sports

Sports aren’t just about training, competition, strength and endurance. Sport is also a spectacle, watched by millions of people around the world. And very often funny and ridiculous situations happen on the field that make spectators laugh and make the athletes blush. In this article, you will read about such cases.

A curious basketball free throw

In the United States, basketball is one of the most popular sports with millions of fans. Very often the outcome of a match depends on the actions of one player.

In 2015, Turkish basketball player Cedi Osman fulfilled his childhood dream and ended up in the NBA, where he began playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team was playing with the Charlotte Hornets. Towards the end of the match, Osman got the right to take a free throw.

To calm the excitement before such a crucial moment, the basketball player began to hum a children’s song, already standing on the foul line. At that moment, the Cedi’s mouth guard flew out and fell to the floor. The curious incident amused the fans and confused Osman. By the way, Cleveland suffered a defeat in this match.

Lack of professionalism of soccer doctors

There was a game in the Cyprus Football Championship, between the teams from Nicosia and Limassol. The Nicosia APOEL players showed their class and defeated their opponent 6-0. But the most interesting thing in this match was not the sensational score. 

The actions of the medics, who carried the injured Limassol player off the field, made everyone laugh. First, the negligent doctors tried to drag the player onto a stretcher by his injured leg. When they succeeded, they headed for the locker room and managed to drop the poor guy twice! The unfortunate athlete jumped out of the stretcher and waddled off the field himself.

That’s how you should play!


There was a penalty kick in the match of the Russian football championship between Saturn and Spartak. The footballer shot and missed. The stands roared in indignation, how could you not have scored the penalty?! And one fan rushed straight to the field. While the players silently watched, the man took possession of the ball and scored a goal with an accurate shot.

By the way, bookmakers (you can find the rating of the best of them on sometimes open bets on the fact that a fan will run out on the field during a match. Not only that there are a lot of differences bet offered on different occasions. On the world cup in South Africa, one of the people even bet that it will snow during the world cup. Everything is possible you just need to try 🙂

In the heat of the moment

Chicago Bulls heavy forward Carlos Boozer emotionally celebrated the ball thrown into the Dallas Mavericks’ basket. The big man waved his arms so happily after the goal that he managed to get his fist right in the groin of the unsuspecting referee. You’d think any normal man would have been on the floor in agony for a long time after such a blow, but not this referee. Danny Crawford just grinned and gestured that it was okay. Basketball referees often have to get hit on the court.

Soccer players – wizards

How can you improve your performance in sports? The answer to this question was given by the Simba and Young Africans teams playing in the Tanzanian championship. Soccer players of African teams were caught burying witchcraft amulets on the field. But the intervention of otherworldly forces did not help, the scoreboard was not opened. And the teams were fined $500 for damaging the turf on the field. Interestingly, many clubs from Africa have a shaman on their staff. 

The strangest goal in hockey


The Buffalo Sabers received a Christmas present. And not from anyone, but from Mike Smith, the goalkeeper of the Phoenix Coyotes, against whom they played. During overtime, the Sabers players attacked the goal of Smith, who rushed into the thick of the game. After a hard blow, the puck flew into the air and landed right in the goalkeeper’s pants. Mike did not notice this and calmly drove into his own goal. The referee noticed the incident, and he immediately allowed a goal. As a result, the Buffalo team won 2-1.

Loving dog

During the South American Copa Libertadores match between teams from Venezuela and Mexico, there was an unplanned break. A white dog ran out onto the field and began to rush happily after the players. The dog was very loving and half of the team managed to cuddle him. At the same time, the dog was so dexterous and clever that the guards could not catch him for 15 minutes.

A Mexican soccer player came to the rescue, took the naughty dog ​​in his arms and carefully carried him out of the field.

Fluffy troublemaker

During the Women’s Professional Soccer league match, an unexpected guest also ran onto the field, and it happened at the tensest moment of the match and helped defuse the situation. During the penalty shootout, a squirrel appeared on the lawn. The spectators did not watch the teams, but the nimble animal and the game came to a complete halt. Security guards managed to catch the squirrel with a cardboard box. The intruder was sent to the reserve, and the teams, which had relaxed a bit during this time, continued to take penalties.

Most expensive bite in history


Before the fight with Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson promised to eat his opponent in the ring. Holyfield did not pay attention to this and beat Mike throughout the fight. The offended Tyson did not want to remain unfounded and therefore decided to fulfil his promise at least partially. The boxer grabbed Holyfield’s ear and even chewed off a piece of it. Then Mike repeated his performance, for which he was disqualified. The bite cost Tyson a record $3 million!

Who won?

During the competition, attendants should be focused and think about the consequences of their actions. The assistants at the athletics championship forgot about this. The runners were already approaching the finish line when several girls from the service staff suddenly remembered that they had forgotten to stretch the finishing tape. A fuss began. The ribbon got tangled, fell, the assistants rushed along the race track. As a result, several runners ran into one of the gaping employees. Naturally, it was very difficult to see who had won the race.

Flying basketball player

Philadelphia 76’s heavy forward Mike Scott is very popular with fans of the club. Scott does something special every time. During the game against Milwaukee, Mike saved a ball going into touch. Scott managed to clear the ball, but it flew over the fence into the crowd of fans. The forward didn’t get confused and even drank from the glass of a fan who was sitting next to where he fell. Mike’s immediate act made the stands laugh.

Gape and ran into a star


A cameraman with a camera on his Segway slowly followed Usain Bolt, the great Jamaican runner, who had just won another victory. Bolt was greeting the roaring stands, but then the wheel of the Segway hit an obstacle and the cameraman lost his footing and flew right under the champion, knocking him down. It’s a good thing everything ended well and without injury because the poor guy’s salary would not have been enough to compensate.