Why Dental Veneers Are Really Worth It?

Dental health is of paramount importance and survival for most species that have teeth. Issues with teeth and the general mouth area can prevent the animal from being able to eat properly or even breath. It is a very problematic circumstance that should be avoided at any cost. Sadly, in nature, it is not really possible for the animals to prevent certain scenarios and injuries do happen. Many of them who suffer tooth problems die due to their importance. For us humans, things used to be much the same, at least before dentists and the advances of medicine.

Nowadays, going to the dentist for any minor or major teeth and gum problems is a no-brainer, it is both necessary and widely present. There is nobody else who can take after the teeth except them.

Modern Dental Technology and Solutions

Thanks to numerous advances in technology and medicine and new solutions being available for us, dental health, dental hygiene, and dental esthetics have all gone through so many changes. Nowadays there is nothing that cannot be done and regardless of what genetic conditions with the teeth one may have or the injuries and diseases that may occur, some type of dental surgery or correction is possible. While braces are by far the most common and well-known apparatus that is worn directly on the teeth, one that straightens them and makes more room, there are other solutions too.

For those who want a perfect smile, shinier teeth, and more confidence, as well as the ability to chew food easier and more efficiently, dental veneers are the answer. In this article we talk about veneers and why they are really worth it. If you are considering getting them in the near future, you really need to know what they are, how they work, and what they do for you. Keep reading to learn all of this and be sure to check out this website for more information on veneers.

What Are They?

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Dental veneers have a variety of purposes and they can help the patients in different ways. However, most dentists use them when there is a need to fill a tooth or when there are discolored teeth due to root canals. Veneers are most often used to change the size and shape of the teeth in question and make them more similar or even identical to those around them. This serves multiple purposes, from them being more efficient to obviously looking better. Broken and chipped teeth are something nobody wants to have. Well, having a veneer to cover it makes it all look normal again and the best part is that nobody can tell. Gaps between teeth are also filled with veneers. All in all, this is as much of a practical solution as it is aesthetic.

How Do They Make Them?

So now that you know what they are, you should also know how they are made. THe most common materials that are used to make veneers are pieces of porcelain. They are molded together into the desired shape that matches your needs. Each of them is unique and before they can be made an imprint of your teeth needs to be taken. Once they are ready, they are attached to the tooth. Another material other than porcelain that is used to make veneers is resin. Porcelain is more preferred due to its natural look and strength, but resin is also quite good. Porcelain lasts the longest and is the strongest. There are composite veneers too, made of cheaper materials that are not as strong and durable. Smaller problems and barely visible chipped teeth are when composite materials are preferred.

There are Different Types

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As mentioned already, different types of veneers exist for different dental issues. The most common distinction revolves around them being removable. Therefore, there are instant veneers and removable veneers. Instant ones are not custom made to fit you, but premade and commercial. You only need one appointment with your dentist to have them. This makes them cheap and not that ideal since they do not sit right on the tooth. With chipped and broken teeth, you will definitely want short-term, removable veneers that are custom made. You can remove them when you feel like it, which will prolong their life. It all depends on the situation really, as well as the preferences of the patient.

What Makes Them Worth It?

So what really makes veneers worth your time and money, and a few visits to the dentistry of your choice? Well, sadly, rarely anyone is born with that perfect smile you hear so much about. Celebrities are no exception as most of them have had something done with their teeth. Oftentimes, it is veneers that they have attached to their natural teeth. Symmetrical smiles that you see in movies and on TV are not all natural, but a result of the hard work dentists and other dental technicians have put in. They are worth it because they can give you something that is possible but very rare, something that will look and feel like it is yours, and something that is useful in more than one way.

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There is no reason why you cannot have them, other than certain diseases that have to be taken care of first. Best of all, they are replaceable if they should ever get broken, lost, or simply spent from use. Compared to other dental solutions, surgeries, and corrections, they are on the more affordable side. If you work somewhere where you need to be in contact with a lot of people, if you have photos and videos taken of you, or you rely on your looks for a career and you have certain teeth issues, it is a no-brainer to have veneers. Such a confidence booster can rarely be found elsewhere. They practically have no cons, other than them not being your real teeth. But who cares when nobody can tell and know unless you specifically tell them or even show them? Bright teeth and a symmetrical smile are the best possible alternative!