Custom Gifts Ideas for Star Wars Fans

May the force be with you! If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, this is the place to be! We have put together a list of some of the best custom gifts that will make any Star Wars lover happy. From t-shirts to toasters, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

Custom–made poster or canvas


Star Wars wall decor is a wonderful idea. It is something that a true Star Wars fan can enjoy every time they look up a wall. You can make it really in-your-face on Star Wars theme and get a picture of some of the characters, either designed or a shot from the movie.

You can also go a little more subtle and have a poster with a Star Wars quote, just choose something less well-known than “May the force be with you!” but still recognizable by a Star Wars enthusiast. A great idea is also to get a picture of the Millennial Falcon or the Death Star.

Another way how you go about this is to photoshop your Star Wars friend into the picture. It would make such a personal gift and he or she would definitely appreciate it. For example, have a picture of a squad of Jedis and make one of them your friend.

If you are an artist yourself, you can make a digital drawing or graphical design that has some elements of Star Wars. Anything that is custom-made and comes from the heart will be a sweet gift!

A classic T-shirt still can go a long way


Even though T-shirts are pretty basic, they are still an everyday item that people love to wear. So getting a friend who loves Star Wars a t-shirt with Star Wars trivia is an amazing idea. Most likely you can find a t-shirt with a Star Wars theme anywhere online, they are pretty popular. But if you want something more personal – as before, go with custom-made!

You can create your own Star Wars design and put it on a t-shirt, or you can have a text on a shirt that will mean something just to a Star Wars fan. If you have an inside joke about Star Wars, a t-shirt is a perfect place where to print it.

If you are also a Star Wars fan, you can even get matching t-shirts for you and your friend. How cute is that!

Hoodies and sweatshirts – for the friend who is always cold


Your friend is not a t-shirt person? No worries, there are options with a Star Wars theme in hoodie and sweatshirt departments as well. You can definitely find something at a clothing store as well as online. But the real deal always lies in customization, why not get something unique?

Search Etsy, there you will definitely find some interesting items. If that doesn’t work, you can also print on demand a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Personal design customized to the gift receiver is the best way to go. You can make the design yourself or hire a designer that will make something beautiful and totally unique.

Tote bag with Star Wars characters or a quote made into a pun

If your friend likes to have cloth shopping back with him or her, a tote bag is a great option. Just find one that has something from Star Wars on, or custom makes it! Maybe you are even clever enough to turn a Star Wars saying into a pun, for example, “May the fork be with you!” or something similar that can be turned into a shopping or ecological quote. Your friend will definitely appreciate the gift and you will have a good laugh together!

Wallpaper with Star Wars elements


This one is for those who want to go all out. Also, little kids who love Star Wars would really be into this kind of gift. There is the possibility to get Star Wars-themed wallpaper! How amazing is that? It can even be a stick and peel wallpaper, which is perfect for a gift because it is easy to install and after removing it, it doesn’t leave any marks. You can get one roll just for fun and your friend can cover a small area of his or her room or line drawers with it.

If you cannot find a good stick and peel wallpaper with the perfect Star Wars theme, you can always order it print on demand. That way you can also get the character, theme, or saying from Star Wars that your friend would appreciate the most.

Print-on-demand supplier

If you are excited to make your own Star Wars gifts and are looking for a print-on-demand partner, check out! They are a fairly new print-on-demand supplier, but they already have excellent reviews, great customer service, and amazing products that will turn your ideas into reality. However, remember, before you print any Star Wars themed items, make sure they comply with copyright rules.

Bonus! Some additional Star Wars gifts for the Star Wars fan who has almost everything


T-shirts, hoodies, and canvas with Star Wars theme are great gifts, but what if your friend already has a few Star Wars t-shirts, hoodies, and all the movie posters? Maybe he or she wants another one or maybe you can surprise him or her with something unexpected. Keep reading!

Popsicle and ice molds in Star Wars character shape

This is a perfect addition to summer as well as will work perfectly when your friend is having a Star Wars movie marathon.

R2-D2 toaster

Your friend’s toaster broke just recently? Surprise him with an R2-D2-shaped toaster! He or she will be ecstatic!

Waffle maker – baby Yoda, stormtrooper, Darth Vader, or just the words “Star Wars”.

Make your waffles Star Wars style! There are several possibilities from baby Yoda to Darth Vader and everything in between.


Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

You read it right! A floating speaker in the shape of Arc Star. Something futuristic for your home. What else is there to add?


So, there you have it! Several ideas what to get to your hard-core Star Wars fan friend for birthday, Christmas, or any other special celebration. Maybe you found just the right gift while reading this article, or it just sparked your interest to find something unique and truly amazing. Either way, put your creative juices to work and get your Star Wars loving friend something special! He or she will appreciate the gift as well as your efforts.