The Cost-Effective Guide To Screen Printing: Saving Money On Supplies

Anyone in the screen printing business wants to save cash and time. Most of them are aware of some common hacks they can follow, such as optimizing their print setup, keeping stock of burned screens ready, etc. However, supplies are one thing that can cost a lot. But it does not always have to be a costly venture. For example, buying bulk from a screen printing supply store is affordable.

When looking for affordable yet high-quality printing supplies, a reliable screen printing supply store has a wide range of supplies such as inks, pre-burned screens, custom screen print screens, etc., and is your best bet. Below are some ways you can save money on screen printing and supplies.

Order In Bulk


One of the most affordable ways to save money on supplies is to buy them in bulk. The reason is that when you buy in bulk, you get the supplies at a wholesale rate. Also, you will have a stock of supplies ready and not have to buy them repeatedly. You do not have to run to buy more at the last minute.

There are instances where you get a last-minute order, and you can take up the order with your inventory. This will also help in retaining customers. You can place orders for the items you know you will use. So, finding a supplier helps you with money on your larger orders.

So, in short, you can say that the more you buy, the more you are saving money. The price per piece becomes lower when you purchase them in large quantities.

Reuse The Supplies


How many shirts do you print in a day that are not of any use, and you have to throw them in the garbage? How much do you dispose of n a day? These questions are important as you can reuse the ink and shirts. Yes, instead of discarding them totally, you can reclaim the ink; shirts can be used as cleaning rags. So, you know what to do next time you see an extra or waste piece of t short! Also, even the bags and boxes you receive can be reused. You can use them to pack your customer orders. Isn’t it a great way of reusing and recycling?

Look Out For Financing Options


Buying new equipment is a costly venture; however, you do not have to worry about the high cost as there are financing options available. You can finance your new equipment, and this will help you in preserving the cash flow of your business, thus helping you save money.

Marketing Plan


Marketing is an expensive venture; however, it is vital for the success of any business. But, most businesses can make mistakes as they do the same things over time and do not evaluate the benefits. For example, printing ads as a marketing technique are costly, and they might not be that effective in today’s time.

Nowadays, the best marketing strategy is online, such as social media marketing. These marketing techniques create curiosity in customers, and they come to your business. Also, you can survey your customers, and you will have an idea of how they perceive your business and what changes you can make.

Do Not Compromise On Quality


Remember, no matter what, even if you are cutting costs, you should never compromise on quality. With the help of reliable suppliers, it is possible to get high-quality supplies be it silk screen, textile colors, squeegee, etc. In the short run, it might look tempting to buy low-quality supplies, but in the long run, it will cost you your customers.

In a screen printing business, getting good-quality supplies help you get new customers. Also, if you purchase cheap products, you might not get the desired results. For example, if you opt for a lower-priced and quality ink, you might not have the exact textile color you are looking for. And you might have to reprint it again. Thus you are wasting rather than saving.

Pick The Merchandise


Not every customer will want customized products. They might not have precise needs about the color, and they might be flexible with the designs. This will help you with your bottom cost. You can purchase the same color t-shirts in bulk and style them.

Plan The Orders In Advance


This tip is vital; you must plan your orders in time. It means that you must plan it out in advance when you receive your order. Do not just do everything randomly; rather, plan it. When you plan, you will know how much ink, textile, etc., will be used, and it will save you money and also time. You can ask your customers about the deadlines, and then you can work on your plan.

Additional Tips


Apart from the points mentioned above, below are some additional tips that will help you save money and time in your print shop:

  • Always use finer mesh counts, especially when printing under the base; it will decrease ink usage.
  • When not drying screens, you must turn off the fan heaters.
  • Clean several screens simultaneously, not just one at a time.
  • You can utilize a dip tank for reclaiming screens.
  • Always opt for efficient screen processing chemicals.
  • Take care of the machines, and always go for regular servicing. It will prevent downtime and also costly repairs.
  • You can cover the cleaning pallets with a pallet mask, saving time in cleaning them.



Summing up, it goes without saying that screen printing is an artistic and specialized work. The results are rewarding and fun; however, it is only possible if you are using good-quality supplies. However, good quality supplies can be a bit costly; but it does not have to be the case. There are ways you can save money on supplies, as you have seen above. So, follow the steps mentioned above, save money on your supplies without compromising the quality, and always go to a trustworthy and reliable supplier.