Clothing Subscriptions vs. In-Person Shopping for Kids

Gone are the days when going to the store was our only option for shopping for clothing. Today, the options include online shopping, clothing subscriptions, catalogs, and in-person shopping.

If you have children, you may wonder about the best way to shop for their clothing. In this article, we compare clothing subscription services for children with in-person shopping.

Clothing Subscriptions

Clothing subscription boxes for adults have grown in popularity over recent years, but the options for a kid clothing box were less common. Now, there are several options available to receive clothing subscriptions for your children, like

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for a clothing subscription box, you fill out a survey so online stylists can get to know your personality and hobbies. With a children’s subscription box, you’ll answer questions based on family activities and your child. This tailors the experience to cover you and your child’s specific needs.

Once you complete the survey, your stylist will create a custom box for you. With a typical subscription service, you can expect to receive four to six items in your box or three to four outfits, depending on the service.

Then, your items will ship to you and you’ll have a try-on period before returning. You can opt to keep items you love and send back the ones you don’t with a prepaid return label included in the box.

What Does it Cost?

The costs for these boxes vary depending on which subscription service you choose and the frequency. Some services charge a monthly price, styling fee, or charge you only for the items you keep.

The average price of subscription boxes for children’s clothing is $20 and up per month. If you choose to keep clothing, you’ll pay more depending on the cost per item.

Some services offer different styles of boxes to suit different budgets. We offer subscriptions of new clothes or gently-used clothes for kids.

Benefits of Clothing Subscriptions

There are many reasons people use subscription services for their children. If you have a child and are on the fence about signing up for one of these services, here are some benefits.

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Subscription services for parents allow them to receive new clothing for their children in the comfort of their own home. They don’t have to worry about loading up the kids for a trip to the store to find what they need.


With a personal stylist curating your box specifically for you and your child, you’ll receive on-trend pieces you will love. Having a stylist is a bonus for parents who don’t feel like they have a knack for style.

Regular Shipments

Kids need clothes often and with subscription services, you can choose a frequency that suits your needs. This ensures your child will receive new clothes regularly to keep their wardrobe fresh.


Your children will be excited to open up their box each month and see what their stylist chose. You can even ramp up the fun by having them try their new items on fashion show style!

Downsides to Clothing Subscriptions

While there are many perks to choosing a clothing subscription service for your children, it’s not for everyone. We’ve included some downsides you may encounter.

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You May Not Like Everything

Online stylists do their best to choose items you and your child will love, but they don’t always hit the mark. Sometimes there will be items you don’t like, and while it’s convenient to have the prepaid shipping bag, it may be a hassle to drop returns off each month.

Children Grow Often

Children grow like weeds and can go through several sizes within a few months. If you forget to update your sizing on your subscription service as they grow, you may end up receiving clothing that doesn’t fit.

In-Person Shopping

In-person shopping has been the standard for purchasing clothing. While the physical retail industry isn’t what it used to be, a variety of children’s clothing stores remain for parents to choose from.

How Does it Work?

Shopping in person is when you physically go to a store to shop for the items you need. You can shop for your items at department stores, shopping malls, boutiques, or thrift stores.

What Does it Cost?

The average household spends around $779 per year on clothing for their children. The total cost of in-person shopping depends on the stores where your family shops.

Benefits of In-Person Shopping

There are a variety of reasons the traditional method of shopping may appeal to you. Here are the benefits of shopping for kids in person.

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See the Clothes

Some people prefer to see and feel the clothes themselves before deciding what they want. When you shop in person, you’re able to see all the options in front of you.

Try Clothes Right Away

Sometimes things don’t fit well even when they’re your size. When you shop in a store, your kids can try clothes on immediately and decide if they’re right for them.

Downsides to In-Person Shopping

Shopping in person can be a fun day out for moms and their children, but it also has its downsides. Here are some reasons you may opt to stay at home instead.

Difficult With Young Children

As a parent, shopping with your young children might be a hassle. It’s challenging to focus on finding the best items while watching and keeping children entertained as you shop.

Busy Schedules

Sometimes our schedules are so jam-packed that we don’t have time to go to the store and shop. If your children have clothing items they need, it can be stressful finding the time to run out and get them.

Clothing Subscriptions Vs. In-Person Shopping For Kids

There are several pros and cons to shopping in person or using clothing subscriptions for your children. Choosing between them comes down to preference.

Choose the method that works best for you—or choose both!