Can AI Paint Better Than Monet and Picasso? | Surpassing Great Artists

Art is a cornerstone of human culture. Many people think that machines and AI cannot produce art comparable to human art. They believe machines will never be able to appreciate art or create it. Others believe that if machines do make art, it would be hard to distinguish between them and human-made works of art.

This post will explore whether or not AI can paint better than Monet or Picasso and whether or not this is even an appropriate question to ask.

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?


Artificial Intelligence, or “AI,” is an advanced technology that simulates human thought and learning processes in machines, particularly computer systems. These processes include gathering information and rules for utilizing it (learning), concluding or confirming using rules (reasoning), and self-correction. Particular applications of artificial intelligence include computer vision, expert systems, and speech recognition.

AI Can Paint A Lot More Than We Think

It’s not just that AI can produce art that looks like human-made art—it is human-made art. And it’s not limited to the style of one artist or another; AI can learn from multiple masters and techniques and create a unique style all its own.

AI can even take inspiration from other artists’ works and use that as the basis for creating new pieces. It’s like an artist who has been secretly studying your work for years, then suddenly shows you what they’ve learned, but with their own spin on it.

AI still has some limitations when it comes to painting—it struggles with nuances like brush strokes, for example—but it will only get better with time as developers continue to improve their algorithms and train their systems on more examples of human-created art.

AI Can Copy Painting Styles


Artificial intelligence can copy styles that artists already create, and they can do this in just a few seconds. This is because the algorithm has adapted to artists’ techniques, such as Picasso, van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, and many more.

The imperfections of artificial intelligence, like natural language processing, are highlighted when applied to art. “Painting my dog” is subjective, and you must describe the painting using words an algorithm can understand. The same way humans use emotion when describing things feels frustrating compared to what we have with other forms of art.

Can an AI Be Better Than a Human Artist?

Art is very personal, and it’s difficult to say whether or not an AI could ever match the soul of an artist. Art is about more than just creating something quickly; it’s about putting your heart into it, and that takes time.

AI can be programmed to create original, unique works of art that are unlike anything a human artist would produce. However, AI lacks the spark of creativity that humans can bring to a project. As a result, AI will always be limited in its ability to produce truly original works of art.

Future of Art With AI


The idea that AI could take over the art world is undoubtedly frightening. It’s not just that humans would be out of a job—the art itself would change.

The problem is that we live in such a technologically-advanced age that it’s hard to imagine anything else. But plenty of people still remember what life was like before computers and the internet were so widespread, and they still have an appreciation for traditional art forms.

If AI took over the art world, we would spend more time developing technology to make art than actually creating it. That means less time for artists to hone their craft, which could lead to them losing some of their skills and becoming less effective at making great pieces of art.

Impacts of Using AI in Creating Art Pieces

Art is an expression of one’s being, which has always been. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), art has taken on a new meaning. It is now possible for AI to create art pieces that are as good as or better than any human could ever make. The question remains: how does this impact the world?


  • AI can create art in seconds, even bulk outputs in a short time
  • Compared to a human artist, it is practically cheap for commercial purposes
  • AI can recreate the style of your favorite artist
  • You can store it safely since it is digital
  • You can create copies for safekeeping
  • Since you have a copy, you can make iterations without damaging the previous art.


  • It might affect the living of professional artists if people adapted it.
  • AI doesn’t have a brand.
  • It is dependent on your word input and not on what you envision it
  • AI-generated art lacks the soul of a true artist
  • Massive adaption might take away the talent of each artist who will use it.
  • It can’t think of a new idea like a human artist do.
  • It’s not that appreciated like a physical art

Popular AI Art Generating Platforms


There are many AI-generating software that you can use to create art. Some of the most popular options are listed below.

  1. NightCafe
  2. Starryai
  3. Jasper Art
  4. DALL-E 2
  5. Artbreeder
  6. Fotor
  7. MidJourney
  8. Photosonic
  9. Stable Diffusion
  10. DeepAi

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence has the potential to become a new way of creating art. Although some argue that AI could never surpass human creativity, others believe that AI could produce unconventional and innovative art forms. Shortly, AI may be able to create even more breathtaking and lifelike pieces than those created by some of history’s most renowned painters. However, if you are looking for a work of art that will truly amaze you, visit today. They provide custom portrait paintings based on your liking!