9 Things to Look For When Buying a Gaming laptop In 2024

Choosing the best laptop depends on your needs. And the budget, of course. This is certainly one of the most difficult questions and that is why we have tried to compile the best guide for buying a laptop that will offer the best laptops for work, school, daily commitments, gaming, and much more in one place.

Laptop users are now divided into different age and interest groups. While some use them for office work, others use them for home use or playing games. The purpose of use varies from person to person, so do laptops. They provide everything a large desktop computer has to offer, but they are also portable. The first thing you need to clarify before buying is the purpose of using the laptop.

While desktop computers remain superior among many PC gamers, sometimes you need a computer you can take on a trip. A gaming laptop is an equipment on the go, with the power to play games wherever you want. GamingBeasts will show you the best games which no player can resist.

Meet different groups of laptops

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Laptops vary in size, weight, capacity, purpose, and price. Depending on the need, they can be divided into 5 larger groups.

Laptops for everyday use are lower and middle class and are especially suitable for use at home or in the office. The next group is multimedia laptops. They are intended primarily for the average user who wants a laptop that would allow him to watch a movie, listen to music, and occasionally play games. Ultrabook laptops are extremely light, thin, and easily portable. They are intended for all those who regularly carry their laptop, perform complex tasks, and need a powerful battery.

There are gamer laptops designed for anyone who can’t imagine life without the latest games. These laptops feature the most powerful components on the market such as an extremely powerful processor, a large amount of RAM, a good graphics card, and plenty of ports. Modern laptops are best suited for those with a modern pace of life. These are laptops with a new generation of Intel Core processors, with solid drives, an all-day battery, a touch screen, and Windows 10 operating system.

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Intel has recently introduced the eighth generation of processors and ideally, it would be in your new gaming laptop. If the budget does not allow, seven will be enough.


RAM is very important. As important as the graphics processor. The three of them will ensure an unobstructed breakthrough towards the enemy. While you can play some games as early as 4GB (GTA V), make sure your gaming laptop has at least 8GB.

Graphics card

While some games use a CPU, most games are still tied to a graphics card. A graphics card is one of the crucial things when buying a gaming laptop. At the moment, most laptops come with Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX graphics cards.

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Depending on the purpose and resources you plan to invest in your computer, select memory. Consider whether a laptop is the best option for you when you can make a combination of a small-capacity SSD and a larger HDD. In this case, by installing the operating system on the SSD, you get the speed of the machine, while the HDD can be used to store data.


Laptop keyboards vary depending on the quality of workmanship and the materials used. The main problem here is the lack of physical space, so the keys are often not pressed deep enough for everyone’s taste, and on smaller models, there is no room for the numeric part of the keyboard.

Today, technology has advanced so most models have solid keyboards regardless of laptop size. However, smaller machines often have smaller buttons, so if you have larger hands, it can be inconvenient to work on them.

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To win also an important factor. Sound effects are very important in every game, and you know the keyboard yourself. It is a tool you will work with every day and that is why it is good to try it.


Although a typical laptop has a 15 or 17-inch screen, there are several huge laptops with 18-inch panels and a handful of 14-inch systems. Which size you like is a matter of your taste. Still, if you travel a lot, be aware that the laptop with a bigger screen is heavier.


Gaming or playing games on laptops will never be ideal or perfect. But regardless of the trade-offs that exist, they do not mean that quality gaming on laptops is not possible. Resolution is important for playing games. But as the image resolution increases, so does the game’s performance.

The better the resolution, the stronger the impact on performance. Again, make sure that the resolution is not a miniature type 640 × 480 or lower than that. Let’s say that 800 × 600 is the lowest possible and which game you should put down. In addition to reducing the resolution, pay attention to additional effects, such as Anti-Aliasing (especially SMAA and MSAA), image blur effects, image filter, etc., given that these features greatly affect the quality of the display, but also performance.

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Laptops are designed to make it easier for you to work and have fun outside of the office and home. So, pay attention to how much autonomy it will provide you to make sure the capacity suits your needs. Consider whether you want a laptop model in which you can replace the battery or one with a built-in one. The latter are generally thinner and lighter, but you can’t easily extend the period of autonomy (possibly the lifespan of a computer) as is the case with a replaceable one.

Final thoughts

These are just some of the most important things you need to pay attention to when buying a laptop. Also keep in mind that storage, speed, and some more performance can be upgraded over time if you wish. However, one thing you know – the battery is not something that will delight you and give you hours of carefree play.