5 Things To Consider While Building A New Deck

A backyard deck may look like a simple addition, but designing and building a deck takes much more consideration and planning than you probably expect. Between choosing the material, planning the location, working with your local building department, and actually building the deck itself, it can take months to complete the entire process. 

Building a deck is a huge task, so don’t get afraid of the challenges you may face. The thing is, once the deck is finished, you’ll have a new part of your home that you can enjoy for years to come. Building a normal deck to your house or a backyard deck to extend your living space are two different ways of extension to your home. If you are also thinking of building a deck, be sure to go through these five considerations.


We do planning before starting any work. If you want to complete your deck by winter, start planning in the summer itself. Since building a deck is a big task to complete, it requires enough time for construction. If you are doing enough planning before the execution of the project, you will get extraordinary results.

Bay Area Cable Railing will give you perfect guidance in planning. One thing to do is, give your requirements and idea of your necessities to them. Just talk to them comfortably about your vision, and they will eagerly help you above all.


Considering the size and shape of your deck, find out the purpose of building a deck first. Are you building it for entertainment purposes, for gardening purposes, or just for relaxing on deck? It will help you in designing the structure of your deck. It will also give you a better idea about the materials to choose from.

I have few choices to give you for how a deck could function in your yard:

img source: unsplash.com
  • As a place for gardening
  • For entertainment
  • For outdoor dining
  • For a beautiful pool to relax

These days, several options can build an amazing deck to give an outstanding look to your house. You can make a simple deck yourself and décor it with gardening, or you can give it a detailed structure to make it beautiful. All these things will rely on your budget and the purpose of building a new deck.


Besides planning and understanding the purpose of your new deck construction, the budget also plays a vital role in this project. After designing the structure of your deck, choose the materials for the deck, and that depends on your budget.

I will never suggest using low-quality products as if it is of lesser cost. Always go for the best quality product. Be comfortable in telling your budget to the contractor. A contractor will then help you get the best possible way to build your deck per the size and design of your choice.


Building a deck on your own will reduce your budget. If you want simple platform decks, then it is easy to build them yourself. But if you want something designed or detailed in structure, you need to hire an expert.

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Most homeowners prefer a wooden deck, and there are a lot of wood options to choose from. According to bayareacablerailing.com, cedar is one of your best options because it’s naturally resistant to moisture, pests, and warping.

Talking about the material option, wood is not the only material available for building decks. There are several other material options available in the market. Always go for that material to build your deck, which needs less maintenance afterwards. Choices of material can be metal or plastic as well.

Those who are looking for something different can go for synthetic materials like vinyl or composite decking. It will reflect a different look to your deck from natural wood. These products are maintenance-free and last for decades. These are a little bit costlier than wood but do not require refinishing; hence it saves maintenance cost.


You can decide the right location for your deck by identifying the purpose of your deck. If you are looking for gardening purposes, maximum sunlight is required, so try to build your deck towards the direction of maximum possible sunlight.

If your geographical location is mountains or towards beaches, you can pick a location of your deck that gives you a maximum scenic view. Think about few considerations when fixing a deck’s location:

  • Mounting the deck as per the size of your area
  • Creating privacy from neighbours
  • Identifying the wind patterns

If you are not sure about your deck’s direction, you can also take an expert’s suggestion.

img source: unsplash.com


You can choose beautiful railings around the deck to make it more presentable. Railings can be of the same colour as that of a deck. Alternative to the wood, you can also choose glass, metal, vinyl, composites, and cabling railings. As the deck should complement your home, selecting a stylish railing will change the structure of your house.

If you use a deck pergola, it will transform your two-dimensional platform deck into a three-dimensional outdoor room. It will provide shade and allow you to add speakers, fans, lights, and hanging plants.

A normal pergola will not cost much, so you can easily add it to your budget. Such small touches will make your deck a proper home hangout place. To make it more attractive, you can make a small bar in one corner of your deck or near the pool area.


Building a deck is not an easy process. You have to consider every factor for your deck to look awesome. You need to plan, identify the requirements and budget, choose suitable quality materials, pick out the perfect location, and ultimately enjoy your desired deck.

You can also hire an expert to build a deck for you; the only thing is, you have to give your vision and ideas to an expert to design it for you. If you are seriously thinking of setting up a deck for your home, then the best option is to get started as early as possible.