5 Reasons to Bet on the Underdog In Big Football Games – 2024 Guide

You have probably heard people saying that football is the second most important thing in life. In almost every part of the world, you will find a group of people that are passionate about their club. Of course, in most cases, they support the local clubs. That counts even if their favorite team is not winning trophies for years.

Following the games at home or on the stands is always entertaining. People are always loud when they support their team and nervous when their team is losing. However, there is another way how watching football games can be more practical for you. You can bet on different teams and outcomes and try to ensure financial stability in that way.

There are many online bookmakers where you can check the odds for almost every league in the world. It would be good to visit top-kladionica.com and get familiar with some of them and see which offers they have. However, no one guarantees you will manage to achieve your goal each time you place a bet. That is the reason why you need to develop a good betting strategy. By researching the Internet, you will manage to find many of them. In this article, we would like to talk about the reasons to bet on the underdog in big football games.

People are often not ready to risk their money. They will more likely place a bet on the favorite. However, people do not understand that football is full of uncertainty. It happens all the time that underdogs somehow manage to win the favorite. Because of that, we will highlight a couple of reasons why betting on underdogs can pay off in the end. Let’s find out those reasons together.

1. Better Odds

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Is there a bettor on this planet that does not like to see a set of good odds? By betting on underdogs, you won’t struggle to find them. For instance, imagine that you see a 10/1 odd. If you invest $100, you can potentially get $1000. On the other hand, if you live in Europe, odds like 7.5 and 8.5 are a good option as well.

A good example of the underdog that managed to surprise the entire world is Aston Villa. The team played against Liverpool that is the champion of the Premier League. The odds on Liverpool were low, but they managed to lose the game 7-2. Imagine that you placed a bet on Aston Villa then. Depending on the betting site, you could probably get a seven times bigger amount of money than the one you invested.

2. Entertainment and Excitement

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Betting on the favorite is not going to be exciting as betting on the underdog. If the favorite wins, you will not be surprised at all because everyone was expecting something like that to happen. On the other hand, supporting the underdog is always more exciting. These surprises are not happening often. But, when they happen, people talk about them for a long period.

3. Things Are Changing In the World

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We are not going to talk a lot about the Coronavirus crisis. However, we need to say the pandemic changed everything in the sports field as well. You can easily see that the best teams across Europe didn’t start the season well. Good examples of that are Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Despite that, the champion of Italy also struggles to get back the form the team had last year.

Underdogs are using that opportunity to make surprises. They are managing to win the stronger teams more often this year than ever before. Despite Aston Villa, you could see the same scenario in Seria A, La Liga, etc. In the other words, betting on the underdog may be less risky this year. That is the opportunity you should use.

4. Statistics Don’t Say the Full Story

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Statistics are never saying the full story, but that especially counts when we talk about football. Let’s imagine that one team had 10 shots on goal. When you see that, you would probably say that team is attacking a lot. However, what if those shots were all ridiculous? That would mean the team did not have a good chance to score a goal.

That is only one example of why statistics are irrelevant in this sport. Betting on the underdog means that you are betting against statistics. As you see, doing something like that can be smart. With small risk, you will manage to earn a bit more money.

Of course, we do not want to say that statistics are never correct. That is the reason why you should regularly watch football matches on TV. You will easily see if the statistics are something you should follow or not. If they don’t say the full story, there is no reason not to bet on the underdog.

5. Big Teams Don’t Have Time to Rest

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Imagine how inspirational it is for the players to play against the strongest teams. There is a good reason why Liverpool, Milan, and Bayern Munich are in first place in the league. However, that doesn’t mean they will win all the games until the end of the season. All the teams are trying to defeat them and they get extra motivation before the match against them. Because of that, some of the underdogs will, sooner or later, have to achieve the goal. Your task would be to do an in-depth analysis and realize which underdog has the capacity to do that.

Final Thought

Before we say goodbye to each other, there is one thing we have to say. The reasons from our list confirm that betting on the underdog can sometimes pay off. However, that doesn’t mean you should invest big amounts of money. That especially counts if you are not a skilled bettor. Instead of that, start with small steps and make small bets. If you make a mistake, that is not going to cost you a lot. For a small amount of money, you will manage to get the necessary experience. Sooner or later, you will manage to predict which underdog can potentially surprise the worldwide betting community.