WriteMyPaperHub 2024 Review: Online Paper Writing Services

Writing an essay is a bit of an art form, and it’s also one of the most essential skills that a college student needs to effectively navigate the academic environment. Essays are especially big right now because the pandemic has moved so much learning online. Because online learning has fewer accessible ways to evaluate student work, many college and university students are flooded with essays.

Essays are also difficult to write well, which is why many students now use writing services like WriteMyPaperHub to get professional assistance with this difficult aspect of the academic experience. This review will evaluate WriteMyPaperHub to see if it’s the right writing service for you.

How Does It Work And Why Will It Work for You?

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When you visit WriteMyPaperHub, the first thing that you notice about its website is how clean and professional their website seems. This isn’t the kind of buggy, spammy website that a fly-by-night company might throw together to scrape your data. This is simple and direct, with an emphasis on appearing competent and professional rather than trying to appeal to the youth audience with loud graphics and a large number of fonts.

We appreciated the way the design of the site makes the visitor feel comfortable and safe entrusting their essay and their order to a team of professionals. Knowing that the site had 300 writers who work in more than 60 academic disciplines made us feel good about their skills. Every writer has 3-5 related disciplines that they can cover. It is important for a specialist to write papers in a narrow sphere. It only increases the overall level and helps with research. WriteMyPaperHub claims that here you won’t find a student trying to earn extra money writing about all the topics at once.

A Writing Service That Cares About Clients

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It is also reassuring that this website makes it easy to communicate with real, live people—not just robots. A live chat option makes it quick and easy to get in touch, and it makes clear that the people behind this service care about their customers. When we tested the live chat, we were connected to a real, live person who was knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to assist when we wanted to place an order.

The $64 question, however, is whether you can expect the same level of professionalism throughout the ordering process. It is easy to be nice when the order is not yet placed, but only truly professional places manage to maintain the level of quality further.

In order to test out the service, we placed an order with WriteMyPaperHub for an undergraduate essay using a real-life essay assignment. We were pleased to find that the customer service representative who took our order was knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt, reminding us that our order came with many free features, such as a free bibliography. Confident that we were in good hands, we provided a realistic but tight deadline and requested that the writer use peer-reviewed academic articles as sources so we could test the writer’s research skills. Then, we sat back and waited to see what would happen once we received our paper.

Writing Experts That Know Their Trade

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We were pleased to discover that WriteMyPaperHub exceeded all expectations. They matched us with a writer who had an advanced degree in the same field as the paper topic. We learned that the company only uses writers who have a PhD or a Master’s degree in the field.

Each paper is handled by an expert who has deep knowledge of the topic and years of experience researching it. Our writer took our information and the requirements before creating a paper that was delivered a bit ahead of the deadline that we provided. It is a nice touch, but it cannot be guaranteed. So we definitely recommend ordering your paper in advance. We had instant access to our completed paper online, and there was no waiting for it to be downloaded or be emailed. The paper that we received was formatted perfectly in APA style, just as we requested in our requirements. Everything was looking good!

A Simple Test — A Bigger Quest

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To test out how good the paper really was, we ran it by two graduate level experts in the subject for an outside opinion. Our two reviewers both said the paper was well-written and demonstrated a good understanding of the subject and the literature. They praised the incorporation of scholarly sources and said most instructors would grade it an A. It is a good result, though we’ve suspected this outcome when communicating with an assigned writer.

We felt good about that, but we had one more test to run the paper through.

It goes without saying that any paper you order needs to be completely original and 100% free of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the worst sin in academia. You can write a low quality paper, and later improve your grades with other assignments, but if you submit a brilliant, at least a bit plagiarized paper, your reputation is ruined. In order to make sure that the paper we received was original, we submitted the paper to two of the largest services used to detect plagiarism problems. Both services identified the correct use of quotations and citations, and neither marked any of the text as potentially problematic. This was great news, and it showed us that WriteMyPaperHub wasn’t lying when it guaranteed originality.

Overall, we found our experience with WriteMyPaperHub to be extremely positive, and we strongly recommend this service to students who are looking for help with an essay. From our first contact with a customer service representative down to the final delivery of the paper, we had a first-rate experience. The paper was affordable, neither so cheap that you would question the quality nor so costly as to call into question who could afford getting the right help. If you need an essay, this is the right place for you.