How to Properly Clean a Grease Trap – 2024 Guide

Grease traps are incredibly useful, especially if you’re in the restaurant business. These plumbing devices are used to “entrap” grease before they get to the sewers. Without a grease interceptor, you’d have to deal with horrible odors, sewer blockage, and possible rodent infestations. Still, if the grease trap itself is not kept clean, it could … Read more

7 Tips & Tricks for Managing Grease Waste – 2024 Guide

Grease waste is annoying, but it’s an inevitable part of any commercial kitchen. It has to be regulated, otherwise, it could turn into a huge problem: strong odors, blocked pipes, sewer infestation, and more. So, how can you avoid this outcome? It’s actually not that hard, although it will require you to invest some additional … Read more