Axie Infinity Hits $4 billion, but is Crypto the Future for Gaming?

“Blockchain”, “cryptocurrency”, and “NFTs”: these are the big buzzwords that have suddenly engulfed not just tech news headlines but mainstream headlines. With blockchain as the underpinning technology that truly has game-changing capabilities, it’s the speculative market pricing of crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have attracted so many people to these new digital ventures. Now, it … Read more

Will NFTs Overtake Cryptocurrencies As An Investment Vehicle?

A big question in the crypto economics space is whether Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) could be better than cryptocurrencies as an investment vehicle. The argument goes something like this: NFTs are digital natives and thus not subject to all of the problems cryptocurrencies face. In this article, we will look at both investment options, while considering … Read more

The Difference Between NFT And Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency runs on blockchain innovation that records and stores information on all exchanges made in a public record available to anybody. It is a decentralized framework that is autonomous of any unified guideline. All sales are recorded in a decentralized ledger accessible to everybody to see, invalidating the requirement for a focal … Read more

How is an NFT Different from Cryptocurrency?

A lot of people confuse cryptocurrency with NFTs, but to correct you, they are not the same. The reason behind this confusion is that NFTs work on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum do. NFTs, unlike cryptocurrencies, do not have inherent monetary value; rather, their existence is indicative of goods having … Read more