8 Precautions to Take to Avoid Viruses and Cyber Attacks

Computers are an incredible technology that many people for all types of reasons use on an everyday basis. There are always malicious factors that are trying to damage your computer and your network. A major issue is that computers are prone to viruses and malware that could cause a lot of harm to personal files … Read more

Ways to Secure your Home Network 

Network and computer security breaches appear to be in the news consistently, and they are costing enterprises a great deal of money. A report by Cybersecurity Ventures suggests that by the year 2025, cybercrime costs would rise to 10.5 trillion USD per year, globally. The same report also suggests that the medical care industry stays … Read more

How to Compress PDF Files in 6 Easy Steps

Compressing the files is important for one top reason – storage. Since we are using cloud storage, easy cloud transfer, and even web servers, uncompressed files will take a lot of space. You can always buy more storage, but when you have an option to compress the file and decrease it up to 90% without … Read more

Does Office 365 Provide You With Backup in 2024

Most of the users, both corporate and individual, when they decide to adopt Office 365 (Microsoft 365) as their suite, stumble upon these questions: Is my data protected by O365 systems by default, or should I take care of this by myself? Are there any “native” Office 365 backup solutions at Spinbackup.com I can customize, or should … Read more

5 Tips for Running a Business in Anxious Times 2024

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Or so goes the proverbial wisdom that’s half true. (Sure, “getting going” can be a sign of resilience—but it’s critically important to have a good, general sense of direction, too.) The economic and social uncertainty of recent weeks and months poses a similar dilemma for many … Read more