Crypto Landscape: The Top 5 Countries In 2024

To assess a country’s stance on technology and innovation, it is essential to examine the level of crypto adoption and the overall sentiment of the country and its people toward blockchain technology. Crypto-friendly countries are characterised by a supportive regulatory framework and infrastructure that facilitate the use and acceptance of crypto. It acknowledges crypto as a legitimate … Read more

The Risks of Using Virtual Currency When Traveling

The term Cryptocurrency translates to digital coins and they were first introduced to the world around ten years back. While various enforcement agencies, tax authorities, etc. are still debating on whether cryptocurrencies are worth investing in or not, one pertinent question that people want to know the answer to is: Are these coins safe to be used … Read more

Is Bitcoin Still Illegal in Some Countries in 2024

Bitcoin is reshaping the financial sector of the world. Big brands like Tesla are now accepting Bitcoins as payment to sell their cars. However, there are still countries where this cryptocurrency is still illegal. Despite the popularity and immersive use, several countries are forbidding it. Another amazing breakthrough is the acceptance of Bitcoin as an … Read more

Gambling Laws Worldwide: Countries Where Online Casinos Are Legal in 2024

Gambling laws have continued to evolve, revolutionizing an industry that is fast attracting the attention of investors. Within the last twelve months, online casinos have especially boomed, surpassing annual revenue projections by double digits. However, eGaming is still illegal in some parts of the world. For example, in the US, only about six states have … Read more