Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Cryptocurrency Investments

Why shouldn’t they be? This is not a proper answer of course. But, we had to ask. Everyone is into crypto these days, and millennials are no exception of course. The thing is that they’re probably the ones in the middle of it all. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin came into public knowledge on the back of millennials who were in their ripe age when cryptocurrencies came around. They were those who were able to understand them the best, and from this, we have the birth of their interest in all things crypto. We, the millennials can even brag that we lived our best years through all the latest technological development. So when cryptocurrencies were created we were the first ones to hear about it, via our smartphones, tablets, computers, and all of the other tech we are so accustomed to.

Yes, that’s right, the millennials and the technology grew together. Furthermore, they were around to see the collapse of the real estate bubble which made them uneasy about the financial system that was around since the days of their fathers. This is why a turn from banks and other established institutions towards exchanges and crypto came so naturally to them. If you trust one of the recent surveys conducted among this age group, almost two-thirds of them trust more Bitcoin and another crypto than they do the stock market. It’s how far have things gone, and in this article, we’re going to further explain why are millennials so obsessed with cryptocurrency investments.

The Influence of Social Media

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Of course, we cannot neglect this factor. Millennials were there when Facebook and all other social media platforms arose and rode into fame. These days no person can’t go an hour without peeking on Twitter or Instagram. This is the world we’re living in. The crypto community is strong on social media platforms, and you’ll find regular people and celebrities talking about BTC and another crypto on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter alike. The communities dedicated to crypto grow each day. It’s no wonder more and more people get attached to the matter of cryptocurrencies when they’re being fed all the positive information through these channels.

By now you should know that social media platforms can influence the way we behave. When you have your news feed filled with stories about crypto you’ll develop interest. Furthermore, when you see how many people managed to earn quite a fortune by trading cryptocurrencies you’ll get dragged into that world with the desire to invest yourself. The best part of it is that none of it is a scam. Most stories regarding cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin are true. We’ve all seen how far up in value it went in recent months and this is enough reason to invest yourself and try to get something in return. The hype surrounding crypto was so big in recent months that you couldn’t have avoided it even if you do not have social media networks.

A Match Made in Heaven

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Cryptocurrency offers so much.it holds value and can be stored for safekeeping, but it can also be used to purchase goods and exchanged for fiat currencies if you like. The options are far from being limited. The generation we’re talking about here accepted all things digital long ago. Crypto is no different. The investments regarding digital currencies all go through a computer or an application. There’s no paperwork involved, and this was not a turn-off for millennials it was what attracted them the most.

As you probably know the virtual currencies came our way more than a decade ago and changed the way people perceive currencies and finances in general. This alternative to everything the world know up until the moment of their inception was not so popular at the beginning. But, with time, and proven value it drew more people towards it. The first ones who came were of course the millennials. Everything that they represent goes hand in hand with crypto which is a currency available for trading each day through the entire year, unlike the standard financial markets that operate on schedule. All of the above fits ideally into the life of the average millennial eager to do some investment. If you are also interested in doing some investing of your won please click here and start right away.

The Excitement of Crypto Volatility

Have you heard how volatile can cryptocurrencies be? You probably have, and it’s true. Many experienced investors claim that there’s little difference between investing in cryptocurrency and playing roulette at an Atlantic City casino. In the past, you could hear remarks like these all the time. Even some established billionaires such as Warren Buffett had a word or two to say about the world of cryptocurrencies. Even he claimed that their value is non-existent and that investing in cryptocurrencies is only a type of gamble.

While you can draw parallels between investing in cryptocurrencies and gambling, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Gambling is exciting, it’s entertaining, and it can bring you a fortune. Of course, the gambling is made in such a fashion that the house always wins more, while the situation is a bit different with BTC. With BTC you are in charge, and there’s little to no luck involved. You need to be the one following the market, gathering information, and do the research and analysis. Doing this by no means involves luck, it’s all hard work and dedication. But, even with all of the work and investment into doing good business, sometimes you won’t be able to counter the volatility. The strides that BTC and another crypto can make sometimes are unpredictable. But that’s the part of the thrill that crypt carries with itself and why millennials are so in love with it. There is risk involved but never was there such a reward like it is with cryptocurrencies. If the trend continues and more and more people get rich out of digital currencies we can’t see things changing too much.