Is Ethereum Going to Explode like Bitcoin in 2024

Are you a fan of cryptocurrencies? Have you ever used them before? If not, would you be willing to dive into this new territory and try out your luck, or possibly skills? A lot of people believe that these are a thing of the future, and some prefer different kinds over other & newer cryptos. Are you a BTC or ETH fan? In this article, we will focus on Ethereum & its future, as well as what’s to be expected in 2024. Keep on reading and understand if it is a good investment to make in the upcoming period.

What is ETH?

ETH or Ethereum is a blockchain technology that is the second-best thing, right after Bitcoin. It is a virtual cryptocurrency that you can use for different reasons, while the most important & common one is for transactions & investments that you get to make. Blockchain technology has expanded far beyond Bitcoin. For instance, ETH is an open-ended software platform that has its unique programming language. It is volatile just like Bitcoin, which means that it can change its worth as time goes on, as well as week after week.

What was ETH like when changing?

This crypto changes quite often and a lot. Back in February of 2024, it was around $2,000. ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency right after bitcoin. Currently, around 115.4 million ETH coins are circulating the market, and there are only 18.7 million bitcoins, which goes to show you that ETH is a safer choice.

Luckily & surprisingly for most investors, the price of this crypto will rise in the future, according to Mark Cuban. At the moment, most crypto experts believe that the price will double by 2024. This means that the average price is $2,922.64. The price will rise from $2,735 during April, and it will continue changing till December when it is expected to reach $5,910. These predicaments will help you make up your mind overall about this crypto.

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So, is this a good investment?

How is your knowledge like, and where do you stand when it comes to cryptos in general? Have you worked with any other crypto in the past? Whether Ether is a good investment or not will depend a lot on your previous knowledge as well as portfolio, along with high-risk tolerance & insight information.

Ether will continue trading higher as blockchain developers roll out new DeFi applications. It is always a good idea to do your research, take market trends into consideration, and ask or look into some technical analysis & experts’ opinions before making your next big move. You can also watch some documentaries and listen to podcasts to understand all your options.

Why invest?

In the tech and finance world, making any type of investment is a risky move that you should be aware of. A lot of people enjoy working and using Ethereum since it supports other currencies. Ethereum is also a programming language, which means way more possibilities and different ways of use for the user. Are you someone who enjoys multi-purposes as well?

Another reason why ETH is the best go-to option is due to its possibility to create third-party apps. Ethereum is growing quickly, and the platform in itself has acquired more and more backers since its launch.

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How to invest and how to get started?

Making that first & initial step is the hardest thing to do on this journey and when taking this route. Are you a miner yourself? Do you know how the process itself works? If so, you should think about investing & making some slight changes to your approach & your mark. If you’re ready to make a change & get into the process, here is how to get started:

  1. Think ahead before making a move

Make sure that you do a lot of research & thinking before you begin the process. How the practice helps with your financial goals is key. Don’t sell aggressively or without making a goal for yourself. Inspect the situation and see if you’re allowed to make a slight mistake, is there enough room for an error?

  1. Buy & sell

You should buy and sell different shares or stocks. The company that you’re working with can play a huge role in the success of your overall & long-term investment. Buy the crypto & sell it down the road after its price changes. This type of investing is time-consuming and only appropriate for those who don’t mind the wait + who can enjoy the slow pace.

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  1. Think about working with a broker

This is a good idea and an amazing tip for anyone who needs to invest and also feel safe while doing it. If you’re not too sure about your moves and about your approach just know that a broker will show you the way. It is a safe bet, but not a cost-effective one, unfortunately. This is because you need to pay the broker for his or her assistance, which is a good move, only if you’re laying on some additional cash. They will help you understand the process & will do the transactions for you.

  1. Think about software technology

Lastly, you can buy software technology and enjoy some apps that are purely made for this type of use. Some apps guide you through investments and inform you about any new changes that are new and are happening in the market. How does this sound for your next go-to investment move?

Want to know more & are you ready to get into the process?

In the end, are you ready to give it a go? Are you a BTC or Ethereum fan? If Ethereum sounds like your next must-have crypto, make sure that you check out EthereumCode. They have all the latest updates for different cryptos. Their mission is to work with third parties including nonaffiliated business partners in the cryptocurrency field, Thanks to their help & software approach (as well as human brokers) you will always feel comfortable with your money and your investments.