How Can I Make Sure My Marriage Lasts?

Most people aren’t thinking about divorce when they get married. They hope their marriages will last forever, but the reality is different. Many couples, even those that seemed happy in love, end up hiring a divorce lawyer and going their separate ways.

Even in relationships with a strong foundation, life stressors can hinder a long-term, successful marriage. From having children to financial troubles, daily issues and significant life events can impact a relationship. So, understanding ways to keep your relationship strong is vital.

While there is no singular secret to ensuring your marriage lasts forever, this doesn’t mean you can’t do things to improve your odds. Of course, you can’t ensure nothing will negatively impact you as a couple, but you can continually work on the relationship in a positive way.

According to experts, here are some ways to keep your relationship strong and healthy for years.

Important Note


The advice in this article is meant for safe relationships. If there is abuse present, it’s a very different story. In these cases, connecting with mental health professionals and other resources to ensure your safety is crucial.

1. Make Time As A Couple

In the early “honeymoon” phases of a relationship, most couples want to spend a lot of time together. However, prioritizing the relationship can become a challenge over time. With life getting in the way, such as work and kids, you may not spend much time with one another.

However, it’s hard to maintain a close bond without connecting as a couple. Sometimes, one or both individuals are busy, but generally, you should set aside time to go on dates and focus on the relationship.

2. Express Gratitude

It’s easy to get frustrated with a spouse. You might feel like they don’t contribute enough or they have annoying qualities. While wanting things to be equitable is valid, expressing thankfulness and gratitude for your spouse is also important.

Every person brings their own strengths and unique personality to the table. By finding little ways to express love and gratitude for what your partner does, both individuals will feel more secure.

3. Set Up And Respect Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are vital in any relationship, especially in romantic partnerships. Both individuals have a right to establish boundaries. However, remember that boundaries are more about what you do than what the other person does. If you have a boundary and it’s crossed, you should stick to the consequences you set up. This way, you can stand your ground without controlling the other person.


4. Have Healthy Conflicts

Some couples don’t fight much at all, while others do more. Generally, conflict isn’t inherently bad and is common in many relationships. What matters is how you both handle and respond to conflict. Disagreements can lead to deeper understanding and connection.

When in conflict, ensure you treat each other with respect and concern. Try to express love and avoid blame. It’s also important to apologize and repair after any fight. Bonding afterward can resolve the conflict and keep it from becoming a cycle.

5. Accept Change

When you’re with someone for many years, things will change. You will likely change as individuals, and the relationship will adjust, too. How you operate as a couple will look different in five years than in the first year.

Change isn’t bad, and accepting and adapting to transitions is essential.

Finally, remember that working with a therapist and finding support from others can help you maintain a healthy relationship.