Fleet Dash Cams: Surveillance Insights for Fleet Companies

When you want to manage a fleet easily and effectively, there is no better solution than a detailed surveillance system. Fleet dash cams help managers and owners to see what the drivers are doing, track their locations, and also come in handy when there is an incident like an accident. But these are not the only benefits; there are many others.

These are part of telematics technology that is helping fleets to manage even numerous vehicles at the same time. Through a cellular connection, one can see what is happening in vehicles in real time.

Management of fleet dash cams requires the use of software or an app installed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The easiest platform for fleet management is a software dashboard that gives a summary of all the vehicles and a lot of additional information. However, these platforms can do more like providing real-time reports.

Popular Types of Fleet Cameras

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While fleet dash cams are just one type of fleet surveillance solution, there are a couple of others that you need to know. So, here are some different surveillance cameras frequently used in fleet vehicles.

  • Fleet dash cams – These are cameras that are fitted in a vehicle cabin to record what is happening on the road and inside the cabin. Modern technology has come up with dual-facing cabin cameras to record both the road and inside the cabin. However, fleet companies should notify the drivers about the cabin cameras to avoid intruding on their privacy.
  • Driving assistance cameras – These are the side-view cameras and rearview cameras mainly used by the drivers. The side-view cameras are quickly replacing the traditional side mirrors especially in large trucks because they can give a better view of blind spots. The trucks use dual cameras to see the entire side clearly. The rearview camera, on the other hand, is used when reversing the vehicle.
  • 360-degree cameras – Modern fleet vehicles including trucks are equipped with 360 cameras and sensors used as part of the in-dash technology. They work together with an automatic braking system, lane departure warning, adaptive lights, and other safety systems. Probably, you should consider this technology in your vehicles to enjoy all the benefits such as driver safety.

How to Buy Fleet Dash Cams

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Fleet vehicles with no cameras can have them installed at any time. Fleet dash cams are available all over, and you can start your buying process on the web. It is important to take time to look through these devices, their features, and prices to know which ones are best. For this, you need a useful reference to visit the right shop and check what they have. So, what do you need to know when buying fleet dash cams?

First, check the integrated technology. The common technology in modern cameras is GPS tracking. This lets the cameras give a live location of the vehicle while showing the footage at the same time. The good thing is that you can forget about installing a separate GPS tracking system, which in turn saves money. The other interesting technology you can check is the ability to record important moments such as when there is an accident, a fight within the cabin, or forced entry. Such cameras also give alerts for these instances.

Another important consideration is the clarity of videos. An FHD or 4K camera is great if you want to capture details. But if you do not have good cellular internet for this, you can then rely on HD quality cameras. Some fleet dash cams can switch from one quality level to another depending on what is working well. If you do not want to miss any moment, a camera with night vision capability is good as well.

When buying fleet dash cams, consider the corresponding apps or software and make sure that they are the best. Check their features to see if they meet your fleet surveillance management needs such as live streaming, GPS location, printing and exporting reports, and notification of events among others. Lastly, regular updates with security patches are very crucial in fleet management. You can verify these details about the software when discussing it with the solution provider.

Where to Buy Fleet Dash Cams

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Many, if not all, fleet dash cam shops are based online. They either have a website or a social media platform where they list all the cameras they have and their management apps and software. So, all you need is to visit these sites to see what suits your needs.

They have detailed descriptions for all their products and allow clients to make inquiries. Take advantage of all this to know what is good for you. Where possible, pay a visit to their retail location and discuss what you need to know about the fleet dash cams and how they can be installed in your fleet vehicles.

Top Benefits of Fleet Dash Cams

When you have successfully installed state-of-the-art fleet dash cams, your company will enjoy immense perks.

Fleet dash cams promote safe driving especially when the drivers know that someone is watching everything they do. The fleet managers and owners can check vehicles at random or get alerted when there is an event. Cabin cameras have really improved driving habits, which in return promotes driver safety and reduction of costs.

The cameras improve driver coaching because the managers can identify areas that require attention. Is it the use of mobile phones while driving, excessive speeding in areas with a speed limit, or picking up unauthorized passengers? With reliable fleet dash cams, coaching drivers to improve operations is very easy.

Video footage provides proof of events for police and insurance-related cases. Although not every detail should be recorded, event-triggered fleet dash cams do record important moments such as during an impact, which can be used to solve insurance and police cases.

Lastly, these cameras build the reputation of the company. With improved driving habits, the fleet company will have more customers, which not only adds to the profit margins but also builds the reputation of the company.

Last Words

Any fleet company should consider using reliable fleet dash cams and other cameras that will take the company to another level. Whether the company is new or not, the above insights will help make the right decisions when buying these cameras. Now that you have read the insights, it is time to take some action. All the best.