5 Reasons Why Ethereum Is the Most Popular Altcoin to Invest in

Definitely the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although blockchain technology has become known thanks to Bitcoin, there are other possibilities arising from digital currency frameworks. Ethereum is an evolution of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Ethereum was launched a few years ago and is a much more extensible and performant version of Bitcoin. The main advantage of this altcoin is its programmability. It functions more like a platform on which developers can build applications.

These are advanced digital agreements that can have unlimited formats, conditions, etc. This makes it very useful when it comes to payment, but that’s not all. The benefits are also reflected in the arbitrage of transactional events during trade finance, supply chains and many other sectors. Find out more about this great cryptocurrency below, because there are at least a few reasons why you should invest in it.

1. Immune to all third party interventions

The Ethereum platform works in accordance with the blockchain technology on which it works. This means that it is completely immune to all third-party interventions. Thus, the platform respects key principles such as trust, transparency, security and efficiency. Regardless of the type of service, job or sector. If you use Ethereum for the purpose of creating decentralized autonomous organizations, be sure that you will operate completely transparently and independently of any leader.

Although DAO is owned by those who bought the tokens, the share and ownership are not equal. Tokens are the share that determines the right to vote. Thanks to this system, you cannot fail. Apps will always stay online and will not be turned off, because the decentralized nature protects the Ethereum network from hacker intrusions. In addition to fraud, the system is resistant to corruption and breakdowns. In order for a change to occur within the system, all nodes must agree on a change. That does not implie that you should not use cryptocurrency for different trading platforms like Bitcoin Prime, just be sure it is safe. To find out how CFD trading with crypto works, click here.

2. Less demanding mining

ETH was obtained by buying and mining. We must mention that there is a significant difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin when it comes to mining. Today, a large amount of computing power and electricity is required to perform successful Bitcoin mining. This means that the work will be done successfully only if industrial mining companies are used. However, Ethereum allows decentralized mining by the individual which is great news for all miners. As long as there is enough computer power and time for that, you will get successful mining. Miners are the most important part of this network, because they confirm and validate transactions as well as all other options that take place within it.

3. High level security

As you already know, Ethereum is based on the Bitcoin protocol. This means that it is the same blockchain design, but there is a difference in the setting. For example, Ethereum involves a setting that allows you to support apps that are outside the monetary system. However, there are also some common features such as storing the transaction history of your networks. Best of all, Ethereum offers a lot more.

Nodes play an important role, they are in charge of downloading the latest status or current information about every smart contract within the network. In addition, they are obliged to take over the balance of each user as well as the codes of smart contracts and their data. Every transaction that takes place on this network represents the state in which Ethereum is. Since there are a million different transactions in question, the blocks are confirmed and continue on top of each other. Mining is necessary to confirm each and every one of those transactions.

4. Easily create decentralized applications

Ethereum functions more as a platform on which developers can build applications and is therefore different. The key feature of this platform is smart contracts, contracts that are executed using code. Today, financial services of this type are being used more and more, because banks and brokerage houses are being bypassed. If you want to access the network, you can do it in a very simple way. All you have to do is use its original Mist browser, use the user interface and wallet for storage and commerce. So you can write, develop smart contracts and manage them. You can also use this network via the MetaMask extension.

5. Easy access to ETH

People usually buy ETH through the stock market. In that case, you need to find an exchange office. However, try to find an exchange office that will suit your needs. This means that you will focus on those that are compatible with your jurisdiction, account, bank account, etc. Don’t forget to pay attention to all the other characteristics of the exchange office. For example, it is very important that it offers you security, reasonable compensation, ease of use and currencies covered by Coinbase insurance. It is also important that the exchange office has excellent analytics and high liquidity. Explore it reputation and read previous user experiences around the world. It is best to opt for an exchange office that has a large selection of payment options and a short transaction processing time.

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Don’t forget about deposit rates as well as customer support. Your safety comes first, so check the safety of exchange offices, because you may have to perform large transactions. Once you have done this part of the job, you can save the purchase in the wallet. It can also be provided by the exchange office or other specialized services. You will receive ETH through an intermediary store, and you will pay in any agreed currency. You can opt for bitcoin or another cryptocurrency online or live.


Ethereum is a multi-purpose platform with digital currency ETH. The main advantage of this cryptocurrency is actually its complexity. It enables faster confirmations during mining and encourages decentralized mining by individuals. In addition, you can decentralize any centralized service through the Ethereum platform. Users have virtually unlimited possibilities, the only thing that can limit you is your creative creativity.