Counterpart Season 3 – Review and Release Date 2024

A thriller series that came to a dramatic end in real life. The counterpart was undoubtedly the most loved series among its fans. Both the seasons had good ratings on the internet and yet, the show stopped delivering another season. In this article, let’s find out if we are ever going to get the third season of the series.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The series first premiered in 2017 and concluded in 2019. It ran for two seasons with zero episodes leading to disappointment.

It revolved around the life of Howard Silk. He follows a particular routine in his professional life. He visits his office, sits at his working desk, and works. No one from his office has ever told him what his job description is and what the company does. One day, he faces an issue with the clearance at the entrance of his office. A security guard walks up to him and asks him to step aside and follow him.

Out of curiosity, Howard Silk asks if he did something wrong. The security guard continues to walk him to a closed cell. After entering, Howard Silk comes face to face with himself from the parallel world.

Turns out, during the cold war in 1987 a secret passage was created by a scientist. This secret passage was to be used for traveling from one world to another with both worlds sharing close similarities. One world is called Prime and the other world is called Alpha.

After coming face to face with his counterpart from the Prime world, he realizes that there is a challenging mission that needs to be tackled to save both worlds from a disaster of a flu pandemic.

The Cast

The entire series was centered around three characters, two if we count Howard Silk from Alpha and Prime world as one.

Howard Silk was portrayed by J. K. Simmons. Howard Silk from Alpha is a regular office-going person who does his job with utmost decency while Howard Silk from Prime is a highly trained and extremely skilled agent who is on a mission to save both the world from a deadly pandemic.

Emily Burton-Silk was played by Olivia Williams. Emily is one character with two different relationships with Howard. In Alpha, she is his wife whereas, in Prime, she is his ex-wife. Emily works as a housekeeping employee in both worlds.

When Can We Expect The Release


Neither the creator nor the network has expressed their interest in returning with the third season. Justin Marks, the creator of the series, officially announced the finale of the second season as a wrap for the series. Following this, Starz called it off and made an official announcement regarding the same.

Things You May Want To Know About Counterpart Season 3 Release Date

The series is said to be canceled because it was too male-centric. The series failed to make its way into the hearts of female audiences. The ideology of Starz is to telecast content that can attract audiences of both genders. Since Counterpart was not meeting this criterion, it was taken off.

Summing It Up

The cancellation of the third season of Counterpart has been dubbed as the saddest moment on the internet. Everyone, however, continues to wait for Starz to revive the series.