4 Common House Repairs That Could be Covered by Home Warranty

Every homeowner knows that repairs are one of the most annoying things that one could be doing. Especially the ones in your home. Unless you wanna remodel your home and you have both the time and the resources to invest, as well as a vision of how you want it to look – then you’ll probably be stressed out about having to fix something around your house.

Some issues and problems in or outside of your house almost always happen when you least expect them (Murphy’s law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong ). They usually end up being a big financial burden for the homeowner, which is exactly the reason why people have started to invest in certain types of backup in case anything happens. This backup is called – a home warranty. But what is a home warranty, and more importantly, what does it consist of and how can it help you if you ever need a repair on your home?

Simply put, a home warranty provides financial protection against unexpected home system and appliance failures that necessitate costly repairs or replacements. This is why it’s useful to have a home warranty because these packages can save your time and your money. However, the most important item to examine when purchasing home warranty coverage is what is covered in a regular service contract. What do we mean by this?

There are multiple types of home warranty and not each and every one of them cover the same things. Therefore, in some packages, you might expect to have all your appliances covered while in others, it’s not the case. One of the things that most people believe is that a common warranty plan covers all types of repairs, but you should be aware that your home appliance insurance does not cover some items.


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When a landowner, seller, or investor buys a new or pre-owned home, they can get a home warranty. Each company’s coverage is determined by the conditions of its contract. So what can you expect if you choose a basic package? The answer is simple: it’s usually the labor on repairs or replacements of major home systems and equipment, as well as certain upgrades, that are normally covered by basic home warranties.

What’s good to know is that in the majority of plans, basic coverage usually includes system and appliance coverage, as well as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. If you opt for additional coverage options, they frequently include all household systems and appliances such as refrigerator (although this might be excluded, depending on the warranty company), oven, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher and many others.

For higher-priced plans, several providers offer numerous enhanced coverage options with an increasing number of things. This is the case with wine coolers, spa, swimming pool pumps etc. On the other hand, it’s good to know that structural damage isn’t covered with this type or any type of warranty in most of cases. This includes doors, windows, problems with your roof etc.

That being said, it’s important to understand the difference between what insurance covers and what home warranties cover. If your house, for example, gets caught up in the fire, this is an insurance problem. On the other hand, if you’re facing some issues with your plumbing system or your microwave is not working, then a home warranty is something that could help you solve this problem, because it’s a part of the package.

If you’re interested in specific items that a warranty like this might cover, then keep reading, because we will mention the majority of them for you. It’s crucial to know what to expect and what are your rights in case any of these items fails.

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Appliances such as ceiling fans, ice makers, garbage compactors, or bathtub motors and pumps are frequently covered by the most comprehensive home warranty plans. Limited roof or pest control coverage may be included in some cases. You may also purchase rekeying service coverage, which is especially handy if you recently purchased a property and logically – you wanna secure it by changing all the locks around the house.

When it comes to the amount of money that a home warranty company will pay for diagnostic, repair, or replacement of covered home systems and appliances is set by the company.

But it’s not only determined by the company but by the item as well. For example, hot water, or steam-circulating heating systems problems would probably cost you up to $4,000. If you have a home warranty package, you won’t need to pay anything. Isn’t it a great tool?

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Of course, the amount of money will be determined in each individual case. You have a scale for every category that’s been covered with your home warranty package, and you will be able to know what is the estimated amount of money you can expect to fix certain issues around your house. In other words, someone will come and fix it for you so you won’t need to invest any money in repairs. This is why these packages are so convenient.

However, if you are purchasing a house and you want to get a home warranty package, make sure to thoroughly research all the companies that are in your area. Why is this? It’s because the amount of money you can expect to cover your repairs can drastically vary from company to company.

Some companies will pay you a certain amount of money per item while some have a fixed annual amount of money that should cover the inspection and fixing certain problems in your house. The best thing you can do is to find a reputable and trustworthy company that can cover a wide range of problems in your house with reasonable compensation such as https://completecarehomewarranty.com/.

Having the right partner by your side is something that can make your life much easier. Among the other worries you might have, you don’t want to think about home repairs, do you?