4 Signs It’s Time to Call Your AC Repair Service Technician

An AC system consists of multiple parts, meaning many things can go wrong. While you minimize the need to require an HVAC technician, some issues need expert assistance. An HVAC technician has the tools, skills, training, and experience to identify and fix different types of issues with the AC system. Here are four signs that it’s time to call your AC repair service technician.

Inadequate Airflow

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Reduced airflow from the AC is a key indicator that there is a serious issue with the AC and that you should get in touch with an HVAC technician. Generally, when there is no or reduced airflow coming from the AC unit, the problem resides with the blower, but there could be other issues. For example, a clogged air filter could also restrict airflow. You can also check for any obstructions placed in front of the vents or a leak in the ductwork to determine whether the problem lies within the system. The lack of airflow means that the system is working harder to meet the temperature requirements. If the problem is not solved in time, it could cause damage to the entire AC system.

Hiring a professional HVAC repair technician is definitely the way to go so you can ensure that the repairs are done properly to prevent the issue from coming back. Finding a trusted local HVAC company in your area is also important as they would have a better idea of what type of HVAC system would work best for you based on the weather conditions in your location. If you are looking for a trusted company for your HVAC needs, like repairing your furnace in Columbus, Ohio, be sure to check out Logan AC & Heat.

Unusual Noises

Typically AC units can create slight humming sound when turning ON, which is considered normal. However, if you are hearing an unusual noise coming from the AC unit, it could indicate a major issue. For example, when an AC unit makes a rattling or clicking noise, it could indicate a problem with the fan’s blower motor.

Whistling noises from the AC unit indicate a blockage, such as a clogged filter or blocked vent. There are also other types of unusual sounds coming from the AC that require inspection and fixing by a professional, such as the hissing sound. For example, the AC unit typically creates a hissing noise when a refrigerant leaks.

If you hear a clicking sound while the AC is running, it could indicate a problem with the fan blade or even an electrical issue in some cases, which is why it is worth having any strange noises inspected by a technician.

Bad Odors

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Bad odors from the AC unit are another sign that necessitates getting the unit’s components inspected immediately. The most common causes of foul odors from the AC are mold or mildew growth. Not only is the odor unpleasant, but it also makes the air hazardous to your health. A burning smell coming from the AC can indicate that a component of the system is overheating. Damage to the electrical wiring can also cause foul odors, which should be addressed immediately.

Water Around the Air Handler

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One sign that you should call an AC repair service technician is water dripping from the base of the AC. This typically happens when low refrigerant or dirt accumulation causes evaporator coils to freeze over or when there is a hole in the condensate drain pan. A clogged drain line can also cause water to leak from the AC unit.

Although a certain amount of moisture around the AC unit may not be anything to worry about, if you see excess water leaking from the AC system, it might be time to get an AC repair in Richmond, TX.