8 Tips How to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend – 2024 Guide

Buying lingerie for a partner can be a great idea, given that you do some research and follow some basic guidelines before buying it. Not every lingerie is good lingerie, and not every lingerie will be according to your girlfriend’s liking or size. So, before you set out to buy your lady-love this present make sure to follow some basic steps.

1. Quality Matters, A LOT!

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Opting for good quality lingerie over the ones made with cheap fabric can make a lot of difference in the way the present is received. The lingerie needs to be comfortable and breathable to become wearable. A low-quality is not bound to last long and can cause itching and irritation. High-end lingerie, though a bit pricey, is made with material that is soft on the skin and does not irritate the skin. Retailers like the Dolce Donna Shop provide some of the best lingerie in terms of quality and designs. Read more here.

To find the quality of lingerie that suits your girlfriend, you can opt for a brand she usually shops from or upgrade the brand and gift her something that she liked but did not want to buy for herself just because of the price tag.

2. Get Acquainted with Different Styles of Lingerie

Just like a lot of women’s clothing, lingerie too comes in a lot of different styles and cuts. Before you set out to buy Lingerie for your partner, it is a great idea to look at the different styles of lingerie present in the market. You can easily know about the different styles by doing research online.

After a bit of casual searching, you will get to know that Lingerie comes in different silhouettes like a bodysuit, slip, negligee, bustier, corset, camisole, etc.

3. Know the Size that Fits is a Must

If you are buying lingerie for your girlfriend, it is obvious that you might want to buy it in her size and a size that fits her like a glove. Now, this can be tricky for men, especially if you are someone who has never bought women’s clothing and has no idea about how they are sized.

To make your lingerie buying experience easier, it is advisable to go through your girlfriend’s inner wears and find the size labeling on them. Once you know her size, it becomes much easier to choose lingerie that fits her and will enhance her features.

4. Do Not go Overboard with the Style of Lingerie You Choose

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Your top-most priority while buying lingerie for your girlfriend should be comfort. If the lingerie is not comfortable, then the gift might not be the best one for her. The same goes for choosing the design and style of the lingerie.

Although you can try to go a little adventurous and choose appealing lingerie, you must make sure that it is something that your girlfriend would actually want to wear. There can be styles of clothing that your girlfriend might not find flattering on herself. Buying lingerie in the same style might not be a great idea.

So, to stay on the safe side, look for something that you think might suit your girlfriend and make her feel comfortable. As long as the material of the lingerie feels soft on her skin and the seams are perfectly intact without causing any itchiness, even normal lingerie can be a great gift!

5. Buy Lingerie according to the Occasion you are Buying it for

Lingerie websites and retailers now provide specific lingerie suited to various occasions. This makes it easier for you to buy lingerie suited to the occasion you are buying it for.

There are different types of lingerie options for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day, or simple date nights. But there are no set rules to buy only a specific type of lingerie for any occasion. You can experiment with different types of lingerie and choose the one that would fit your partner’s choices the best.

6. Buy Something (a bit) Different

It is a great idea for you to choose a style or color that your girlfriend does not already have in her lingerie collection. But, as mentioned before, do not go overboard with it.

You can try buying lingerie in a color that you think might suit her, but she does not already have it in her closet. This can be an interesting choice without it being over the top.

7. Know What NOT to Buy

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Unless you are sure that your girlfriend will like the style, strictly refrain from buying a cupless bra or crotchless underwear. Buying this style of lingerie can be very risky and might make you look desperate and perverted. Besides this, such styles are also very uncomfortable and serve no real purpose for the person wearing them.

Also abstain from buying Lingerie with extravagant embellishments like feathers, gemstones, or glitter. These embellishments can make it very uncomfortable for the person wearing them.

In terms of materials too, it would be a wise choice to not buy lingerie made with vinyl, PVC, or polyester.

8. Prefer buying the lingerie offline

Although buying Lingerie online might seem more tempting as you might not have to deal with a lot of people, it is not always the best place to buy lingerie from. Unless you are buying Lingerie from a reputed website that makes sure that the material you get is the same that is listed on the website and allows easy return, it is wise to buy the Lingerie offline.

You can go to a store that your girlfriend buys her essentials from to make it easier. Buying offline also allows you to see the color in person and feel the fabric before making the choice of buying it.