4 Promising Betting Sites for Gambling in the UK

The United Kingdom has always had a love affair with gambling, which dates back centuries. Now in the cyber age that fondness for flutter shows no sign of fading; whether it be sports betting or casino gaming.

Brits are spoiled when looking at all available options to play their favorite games on any device they please as there are many UK online casinos ready and willing to compete against each other just so they can get some slices out of this lucrative market!

Online casinos are not all the same. Some will offer big welcome bonuses, while others may be more discreet and less obvious about their efforts to attract new players from Great Britain – but it is always a good idea to do your research before signing up for an account with any website!

According to casinosites.ltd.uk often try hard in order win over customers who come from this region of Europe by giving them large sign-up packages as soon as possible; however, there’s usually no harm done if you’re careful enough when looking at these offers especially since some other countries also have restrictions on gambling websites due to tоtheir illegal status.

Which are Best UK casino sites?

As we said earlier the folk of the UK loves gambling. So, it means some of them would be going to casinos or others would be visiting the online casino sites. So, let’s see which are the best UK casino sites?

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Genesis Casino

If you’re looking for a site that dishes out free spins, then Genesis Casino may be the best fit. Upon signing up and making your first deposit to get started with some of those bonus credits before they disappear into thin air as quickly as these amazing promotions appear in our lives.

New users are welcomed by way of welcome offer worth over $100 just lying around waiting on them – not including any other bonuses like their separate “Deposit Bonus” which can be used at live casino roulette (which we don’t have), blackjack or dreamcatcher depending upon what interests one has available during playtime!


800+ slot games, including 90 live dealer tables. Live chat support is not available for the server at this time but can be requested through email or phone call to customer service representatives who will get back within 4 hours on weekdays (9 AM – 5 PM EST).

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Red King Casino

Progressive slots are the USP (unique selling proposition) of Red King Casino. With over 800 slot machines to choose from, players can find a good selection of large jackpots and progressives that will satisfy their gambling appetite for years without ever getting bored or tired with just one type!

There are at least 130 different types worth playing – including favorites like Lucky 8 Line, Wheel Of Fortune 3D Big Break, The Hangman Progressive Slot Machine Game by IGT – so you’re sure not only get your money’s worth but also have something new each time too!

For those of you who love to play the casino, Red King has been a favorite amongst online gamblers for some time. With their extensive collection and variety in slot machines as well as real money games such as blackjack or roulette they’re sure not going anywhere anytime soon!


80+ progressive jackpots and 300+ games of slots to choose from at PartyPoker! You’ll find a first deposit bonus worth up to $500, with an additional 50% awarded as free spins on top.

Every day some tournaments award cash prizes too so stop by anytime for great odds and big payouts – it’s never been easier than now!

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Slots Heaven

Slots Heaven’s mobile app provides a crisp user interface and high-quality customer service. This casino has just 300 total games, but it makes up for this shortcoming with an easy to use 24/7 portal that offers many favorite slot machine options like progressives or table games such as blackjack and roulette.

It’s a  large variety of MMOs also helps fill any gaps in accessibility you may have if their site isn’t available on your device!

Where else can you find a website with 27 table games, 22 live casino options, and 21 payment methods? That is Slots Heaven. They also have an awesome mobile app that works for IOS & Android users alike!

You will not want to miss this site when looking into where your next gambling adventure should take place; they offer some great bonuses as well so be sure to check them out today!


With a bitcoin-friendly mobile app, high quality, and only 84 slots under the Mansion Group of casinos.

Bitcoin is becoming more popular every day for its decentralized nature as well ease in transactions between users without third party interference or financial risk involved with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which can be volatile depending on demand.

Since it trades 24/7 online via unregulated brokers just to name one type but there are others out there if not then why wait when we offer great cashback promotions too!?

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Magic Red

In the UK iGaming market, safety and security are paramount. To this end, MagicRed has stepped up their anti-cheat by acquiring certifications from both MGA (UKGC certified) as well as SSL encryption for data anomalies of any form to be safeguarded against them at all times!

MagicRed offers 800+ games to cover every sporting imaginable, and they are constantly updating their offerings. If you have an issue with one of the available options or would like more information about something not listed on this page feel free to contact customer support via live chat or email; however there will be no 24/7 availability until 08:00 CET – 00:00 hours (CST).


Peerplays, a blockchain-based web platform for online gambling and betting to be launched soon has just announced their new payment option: Peer tokens.

It is said that this will provide users access to nine different financial instruments which can either work like cash or credit cards when used within the website’s interface with no more need for individual wallets required on each player’s end!

With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular among gamers due to its protection against inflationary currencies like USDT by way of eliminating middlemen such as banks getting involved in transactions, it only makes sense they would embrace digital currency too.