Which is the Best Solar Mounting System in the Market?

The solar energy products are increasingly becoming mainstream with growing number of companies and manufacturers producing high quality solutions. One of the big advantages of solar powered panels and products is the fact they are a renewable source of energy and are largely environment friendly. The declining health of the planet has prompted experts and activists to push for alternate sources of energy and the solar powered products are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this transition.

A photovoltaic system is the electric power system which is designed for supplying the usable solar power through photovoltaic. This arrangement includes several components such as solar panels for the absorption and conversion of sunlight into electricity. This setup also has a solar inverter which is used for switching output from the direct to the alternating current and it also involves cabling, mounting plus other electrical accessories for setting up the working system.

According to mbt-energy.com, the floating solar panel refers to the solar floating system that is mounted and installed on structure which floats on the water body such as a lake or artificial basin. The two types into which these systems are distinguished are floating photovoltaic which uses the photovoltaic panels that are mounted on platform and the floating concentrated solar power which makes use of mirrors for redirecting solar power to the tower.

The different things to look for when purchasing solar products

There are various manufacturers in the market that produce top quality solar based products and equipments. It is vital to choose the right company, someone who is known for their excellent standards of products and professional customer support service over the years. One of the ways in which you can identify the right manufacturer is by looking at customer reviews or client feedback on the products manufactured by the specific company.

These reviews are usually a good indicator of the quality of these products and the practical experience of the client regarding the efficiency as well as overall quality of the product. If it’s a global company with a long history of high quality products and professional service to the customers then you can consider purchasing their products since it has an established reputation in the industry.

Before you go out there and purchase the solar floating system for your requirements you must consider the different aspects related to the product and then analyze based on those considerations.

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The manufacturer’s warranty is an important aspect when buying the solar floating system and solar panels. Ideally you want to buy it from a reliable manufacturer who offers industry standard warranty on its solar panels.

Besides warranty you must also look at the price. It is important that you should not compromise on the quality of the panels or floating system just because it is relatively cheaper in price. Eventually you should target value for money solar products that offer effective solutions at affordable prices.

The type of solar panel that you are purchasing and the certification for the solar system that you are purchasing are another important factors worth looking when you are out there in the market. Some of the prominent products that are sold in the market includes ground PV system, roof PV system, floating PV system, solar PV accessories, and related solar components. Once you have analyzed all aspects and are satisfied with it then only you must proceed and make your purchase.

Reviewing a top quality solar floating system application

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There are different manufactures that produce highly efficient solar floating systems that can be applied on liquid surfaces such as ponds, reservoirs, and lakes. The floating design provided by these companies helps in solving the issues of the land space limitations. One of the prominent solar floating system product that is available in the market is called MRac Floating PV Mounting system G4N. We will have a brief look on the different aspects of this product.

MRac Floating PV Mounting system G4N: This product is integrated in the solar PV power plant installation  on water. It incorporates the HDPE material and this product has passed numerous tests of water absorption, anti aging, and anti UV. This product can also withstand pulling force which is higher than some of the other products.

This solar mounting system adopts the new module design in the floater and main floater. This solar floating system also fulfills array of double row in symmetrical facing or same facing which increases solar generation efficiency and the capacity of installation. This solar floating system is very easy to install, considerably affordable and has a long lifespan of greater than twenty five years.

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The floating system has a modular design which provides the essential convenience of splice installation. Since it is made using high density polyethylene it ensures the long service lifespan. It comes with the multi array design which makes it easier to combine. This model is compatible with several solar modules which helps in saving the cost. This product comes equipped with robust weather ability and its mechanism facilitates easy operation as well as maintenance. If you want to fix this floating PV solar system then it can be done using the anchoring system.

Usually the anchor point is chosen under water but the anchor point can also be selected on the water front. The procedure involved for the installation of anchor system is designed as per the condition of the water region. When the water variation level is lesser than 1 meter, you can use the sunken anchor or the stone with the rope for fixing it.

When the variation level lesser than 3 meters, you need to add the elastic spring to the above setup for fixing the situation. When the variation level of the water goes above 3 meters then you must use sunken anchor or the stone having capstan rope for fixing it.