Counteract Flu, Cough and Allergy Symptoms in 2024 – Aromatherapy Treatment

Flu infection is often caught off guard, and within a few hours, aches, general depression, cough, and fever force you to put aside your everyday places to rest and go on a diet.

There are some simple aromatic gestures that can obviously speed up healing, destroy the virus, and revitalize the body.

This influenza virus can be particularly virulent. It has important assets that make it dangerous, namely its replication speed, as well as its ability to mutate and thwart natural or vaccine immune forces. It is strongly recommended that sensitive subjects such as children, the elderly and pregnant women be vaccinated. However, given this power and this microbial intelligence, we know that vaccines, from one year to the next, are no longer specific to the virus, which has mutated and evolved. If prevention is the keyword, some essential oils have antiviral properties specifically against this influenza virus and can be of incomparable support when an infection is declared to increase the body’s self-healing power, preventing the worst.

Reminders of preventive measures to prevent the flu

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To prevent colds and flu, several tips should be carefully followed:

  • Wash your hands well regularly. It also adopts the gesture of disinfecting the hands with virucidal essential oils that can be deposited pure on the skin. More specifically the essential oils of Palo Santo, tea tree, noble laurel, eucalyptus. Place 1 to 2 drops in the palm of your hand and rub vigorously on all fingers and palms. Be careful not to rub your eyes for a few minutes. In vitro studies have reported that the terpineol-4 molecule, found in tea tree essential oil, has virucidal activity specifically against the H1N1 virus.
  • Diffuse antiviral essential oils in the home daily to limit the spread of the virus and support the immunity of the occupants. For example: the essential oil of palo santo has large amounts of limonene, a natural terpene considered to be a strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal agent. This essential oil can be mixed in the diffuser, respecting the total number of drops recommended by the manufacturer. Spread 10 minutes every 2 hours.
  • The intestinal flora must be rich and diverse, because it is at this level that the synthesis of antibodies responsible for the defense of the respiratory tract occurs. To guarantee the balance of this ecosystem, the presence of seasonal vegetables and raw fruits is necessary at each meal.
  • Any temporary state of fatigue should be accounted for and evacuated quickly, to avoid immune breakdown.
  • Stress must be managed well and insomnia must be treated.

Tips to optimize the effectiveness of essential oils against the flu virus

When the following two points are respected, influenza infection can be treated with essential oils in less than 24 hours.

  • React as quickly as possible as soon as the first symptoms appear, even if that means making a mistake on the subject, the benefit will in any case be an immune booster.
  • Apply essential oils often, repeatedly, as directed by the salt.

CAUTION: Avoid applying essential oils in large quantities on eczematous, atopic or allergic skin. And people with asthma and epilepsy, children under the age of 12, pregnant and lactating women cannot receive massive doses of essential oils.

What are the most effective essential oils against the flu?

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Antiviral properties specifically against influenza virus are widely found in all essential oils that contain the 1.8 cineole molecule, particularly antivirals, expectorants, and immunostimulants. Thus, the essential oils of Palo Santo, eucalyptus globulus and radiata, or even noble laurel are the most used, without forgetting also the essential oils of conifers and that of the tea tree.

When the virus attaches itself to cells in the airways, the epithelium becomes inflamed and messengers of inflammation flood the lung and ENT tissue. To improve respiratory comfort, prevent bronchial superinfection, and accelerate healing, essential oils can help transition from an inflammatory response to an inflammatory response, supporting and calming the immune system. That is why in the proposed synergy, Palo Santo essential oil is particularly anti-inflammatory and also energizing.

IMPORTANT: If symptoms have not improved after 3 hours of intensive use of this synergy, there is no point in continuing. In this case, it is advisable to try another essential oil much more powerful but also dermocaustic and hepatotoxic, that of thyme thymol. To counteract these toxicities, it should be applied to the arch of the foot, avoiding depositing it in the interdigital spaces of the feet (or hands) under burn pain. Apply 3 drops of thyme thymol essential oil under each foot every 30 minutes, 3 times in a row and then space every hour without exceeding 5 applications during the day.

Recognize flu-like symptoms

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When the influenza virus has entered the respiratory tract, the body rapidly plunges into a state of general rewarming in all municipalities. The skin is hot and sweaty, the body temperature rises rapidly, the vessels dilate in an attempt at thermoregulation. The lungs and airways become inflamed as the virus replicates. Phlegm and cough are signs of a great clean to catch the virus. The flood of viral toxins intoxicates the entire expressing organism: pain in the lymph nodes, muscles and joints, dark and foul-smelling urine, and sometimes even diarrhea and abdominal pain, signs of inflammation. bowels.

The flu actually corresponds to a deep cleansing of the whole body, requires rest and diet… Think about when we know that the flu epidemic breaks out just after the overfeeding of the end of the year celebrations.

Ideas for beautiful anti-flu aromatic diffusions

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If you want efficacy against the flu virus, you also want pleasure from these odorous molecules with sometimes subtle fragrances. It is not always easy to have the art of mixing them to create a harmonious synergy. Here are some ideas for pretty effective scent bouquets against winter viruses.

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