5 Benefits Of Aerial Installation For Modern TV – 2024 Guide

Modern technology has advanced so much – that today’s smart TVs have a fantastic picture. In 2024, with the help of a good satellite or cable system, we are mostly watching programs on the new generation. That can bring some new experiences of watching TV. At some moments, you even have the feeling that you are part of a movie. How do you give yourself the quality you deserve? We will give you some useful tips in choosing and how to install antenna installations on modern TV sets.

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Aerial System Installation: DIY Or Call Service?

With the widespread use of modern television, the question has arisen: How to set up digital TV, and how to get the better picture that modern TV requires? The reason for the popularity of modern digital TV is the variety of channels in the direction, quality, language, type of content, etc. Due to the lack of information on setting up a digital TV – many new companies have emerged like mushrooms after the rain. Many of them charge extra for such services. However, there are also those reliable companies with experience, who care about clients – and who will not charge you for such advice and help. And maybe you can do something yourself, right? Simply follow the installation instructions.

All methods for setting up digital television reception use approximately the same scheme – but due to the variety of manufacturers, some of them may differ slightly. However, their principle and logic are similar. Thanks to logic and intuition, you can properly configure almost any TV model – by using the displayed installation instructions and better picture quality and aerial reception.

How to Mount And Set Up A Modern TV?

If you are unsure of yourself, first look at the detailed instructions –  because today’s TVs can be complicated due to a large number of functions. So let’s go gradually to the first assembly instructions. Take the remote control and expand the Menu. Then go to Options. After that, you need to activate Automatic Setup. This action displays a window containing information about the signal sources. Of course, depending on your provider’s services – it can be a cable or a satellite signal. Select the option you are using and at the end of the operation – and information on the quality of signal reception should appear in a new window. Here you need to select Digital and then click Start. More advanced TV models allow you to search the web for all the necessary actions on your own. When the required method for detecting TV channels is selected, you need to click Search.

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How To Choose A Good Antenna System?

This depends on what you want. Some people use cable TV, while others claim they prefer a satellite system. When it comes to installation – it is always best to call in a TVaerialinstaller to set up your aerial system. Then you know that everything is well connected and that you will not have any signal problems. However, some people think they can do it themselves. Sometimes it is not so much complicated to install and configure an antenna for digital television reception as an analog one – but with the digital aerial systems, you need to understand some things much better. When choosing the design of the antenna, it is necessary to take into account the distance from the transmitter and the direction of an aerial when installing. Therefore, it is much more secure to call professionals from the service.

What Are The Benefits Of Aerial Systems?

If you want (and we know you do) a perfect picture on your new TV – then the issue of the aerial system is of great importance. Depending on which system you opt for – you will have certain benefits. Here are some things that make it useful to have a good aerial system on a modern TV set.

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1. Digital Terrestrial TV – Good When Using Amplifiers

It allows you to watch 20 to 30 channels for free. To connect, you must install an external aerial to receive digital channels. It is usually mounted on a carrier or telescopic mast. Before installation via the device in the air, the level and availability of the air signal are measured. An ether amplifier is installed for stable reception. An external digital radio receiver is installed inside the house to decode the signal – and with modern TV models, it is inside the case.

2. Satellite TV – More Channels To Watch

It allows you to watch 150 to 250 channels in SD, HD, and Ultra HD quality. Each operator sets its tariffs and shapes the content policy depending on the preferences of the target audience. As a rule, the operator generates a list of recommended reception equipment. The satellite dish is mounted strictly on the south side. If the side is closed on the facade, the roof of a private or multi-story building is used. TV installation is possible on 1 and several TVs.

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3. Closed Antennas – Easy Installation

The advantages of such aerials are compact size, affordable price – and easy installation on any surface. The disadvantage of indoor antennas is poor signal reception. This means that such an antenna will cope with its task in the city and/or near the signal-tower. If your house is located far from the tower, this option is not suitable for you – but you must keep in mind that this antenna system can be very useful for modern TVs in a well-positioned place in the house.

4. External Digital Antenna

The biggest advantage of such an antenna is that it not only receives the signal – but also amplifies it. A specially built-in micro amplifier is used for this. It is useful to know that these systems have an excellent TV signal, especially in combination with modern TVs. They may be a little more expensive but are useful because of the image quality and warranty.

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5. Digital Satellite Antenna

This aerial system is characterized by numerous advantages, and above all, it offers you the maximum choice of channels. This antenna has a stable signal reception and does not depend on the geographical location of the house. The only drawback is, if there is bad weather, then there may be a break in the signal – but it generally does not last long. Your picture on a modern TV set resets very quickly – and the picture quality is excellent.


We hope that our short guide has helped you to see the good sides of the aerial system on a modern TV and what is the benefit in the picture quality and signal transmission. Enjoy watching your favorite programs.